Outrageous! New Zealand holds contest to encourage children to kill feral cats

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New Zealand is a remote island country, which means the island's ecology is unique and fragile. Humans continue to bring various species to New Zealand through direct and indirect means. These species soon pose a huge threat to New Zealand's fragile ecology and become invasive species.

Outrageous !New Zealand holds competition to encourage children to kill wild cats

When the first explorers from Polynesia arrived in New Zealand, New Zealand was still full of life. , a scene of all things competing, there are 245 species of native birds on the island, a quarter of them can't even fly because their life is too comfortable. Since then, invasive species have quietly arrived. Today, more than 20% of the local bird species have become extinct. Of course, 66% of all animals are invasive alien species.

Some of these mammals, such as rats, wild cats, weasels, ferrets, possums and stoats, are ruthless and terrifying hunters, and the most efficient killing among them is actually the cat. Cats kill an estimated 1.1 million birds in New Zealand every year. They also carry the parasitic infection Toxoplasma gondii, a disease that has had a major impact on New Zealand's sheep industry.

Outrageous! New Zealand holds a contest to encourage children to kill wild cats

It is definitely necessary to take measures against these invasive species. Even if they shoot these animals, most of them People also agree. But generally speaking, hunting animals should be left to adults, right? New Zealand actually organizes a competition to encourage children to hunt cats! This is a bit outrageous, right?

Weird competition

A New Zealand hunting competition encourages children to hunt wild cats, organizers say It is a new wildcat hunting category specifically for children aged 14 and under, called the North Canterbury Hunting Competition. From mid-April to the end of June, the child who kills the most wild cats will win NZ$250, equivalent to about 1,068 yuan.

As soon as this move was announced, it immediately received strong opposition, especially from someAnimal welfare groups issued strong condemnations. The starting point of the animal welfare organization may be questioned by many people, but the practice of controlling wild cats through hunting has been in New Zealand for a long time, and no one has ever objected. The crux of the matter is: Let children kill!

Outrageous! New Zealand holds a contest to encourage children to kill wild cats

First of all, children cannot distinguish between "wild, stray or frightened domestic cats" and may kill others It’s hard even for adults to tell the difference between property and property, but in New Zealand, letting a domestic cat roam is really just a self-inflicted crime.

Secondly, normally, we should teach children empathy for animals instead of giving them the tools to kill them. This is simply training a murderer! Many murderers have a tendency to torture and kill animals since childhood. What if this game inspired evil thoughts in some children?

I really think it’s outrageous. Most people other than animal welfare organizations also find it outrageous. They don't feel sorry for the cat, but they think it is incredible to raise children.

Outrageous! New Zealand holds a contest to encourage children to kill wild cats

The overwhelming accusations and complaints finally led to the cancellation of this ridiculous farce.

But the organizers of the North Canterbury Hunting Competition are still unconvinced, saying they have received many "vile and inappropriate emails" and believe they are protecting native birds and Other vulnerable species don't understand why they are so resented.

I’m really speechless, just pretend to be big-tailed wolves!

Absolutely no one will object to reasonable measures to protect native species. Even direct hunting of invasive species is acceptable to most people. But the problem is that you let children go! Are you kidding me? Children with guns? Training children to kill? It’s scary to think about it.