The Cat Temple in Kyoto attracts huge fans, and its believers are extremely devout!

Pet Story

There is a Meow Meow Temple in Kyoto, Japan, and all the practitioners inside are cats!


The cats in the Cat Cat Temple are always Monk.

The chief cat monk of Maomao Temple (probably the position of abbot) is a female white cat named Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue, who is staying at the temple in monk clothes, looks very energetic and is waiting to worship at the temple. arrival.

Xiaoxue’s owner said that Xiaoxue is very popular and worshiped by believers, and Xiaoxue is also very close to family and likes to interact with people who come to worship!


Xiao Xue, a close relative, has a large number of believers.


In addition to the most popular temples, Xiaoxue, and other cat practitioners!

Including Xiaoxue, there are 4 females and 3 males, a total of seven cats practicing here (testing the resistance of believers, right?!) According to the person in charge of the temple, this cat temple is run by a It was opened by a "shrine and temple" painter, and the theme is mainly about cats, so you can see that a cat statue is enshrined, and the offerings are also cans and meat paste that cats love.


The offerings to the cat god are filled with jars and meat Mud, and occasionally a live cat or two mixed in.

The Cat Temple was founded in 2016, and Xiaoxue is the third-generation cat abbot. Seeing their carefree appearance, maybe more cats will join the ranks of "monk cats" in the future.

In addition to allowing cat lovers to worship cat statues and pet various cat monks, the Cat Temple also sells various cat-themed gadgets and even provides meals in the shape of cats. Woolen cloth! Look at this dessert with a cat tail, it’s so cute that you won’t want to eat it!


Cat Cat Temple is full of cat peripherals Can dine here.


The Japanese-style dining space is also The cute but stylish cat wall will definitely make cat lovers feel like they are in a paradise. You must not miss it next time you come to Kyoto!

Cat lovers, hurry up and write down this itinerary!


The boss will order cat ice cream.