The Irish Wolfhound is so big that it looks a little scary

Pet Story

There are many breeds of dogs in the world, some people like small dogs, some people like giant dogs, and today I want to introduce a kind of dog that looks a bit "scary" because of its huge size Dog - irish wolfhound. It originated in Ireland, and because of its huge size, it was once considered the real giant dog in the world.

Adult Irish wolfhound bodyMajestic Vigorous: the shoulder height of male dogs is not less than 81.28 cm, and the shoulder height of female dogs is not less than 76.2 cm; the weight of male dogs is not less than 54.43 kg, and the weight of female dogs is not less than 47.63 kg. The ratio of their length to height is coordinated, but because their height and weight can be comparable to an ordinary person, it is really easy to feel scary when they look at them.

The Irish wolfhound is too big, it looks It seems a bit

However, the Irish Wolfhound The "terrible" in the book is really just an appearance. As a result of nearly a century of home breeding, the Irish Wolfhound has acquired a quiet, docile disposition that is never troublesome. And even when the Irish wolfhound was young, it didn't need any special training, and it would naturally become a docile and generous gentleman when it grew up.

Of course, the Irish Wolfhound is not a vegetarian either. Its distinctive feature is the coexistence of great strength and agility. According to the data, the Irish wolfhound was originally used as a hound to hunt down wild wolves, and its combat effectiveness is extremely strong (this can also be guessed from its name).

It was only when the Irish wolfhound was completely wiped out in the 18th century that the Irish wolfhound lost its usefulness and was once on the verge of extinction. The Irish wolfhound originated in 100 BC and has a long history, and it is not easy to preserve.

The Irish Wolfhound is too big, it looks a bit

Nowadays, although the name of the Irish wolfhound has the meaning of catching wolves, but they no longer do such things. It's just that Brilliance has made this breed more deterrent. Now the Irish wolfhound has long been regarded as the national dog of Ireland, and the figure of the Irish wolfhound can often be seen in legends, stories, and literary works. Not only that , when Ireland holds major ceremonies, Irish wolfhounds are always allowed to participate in the opening ceremony, and sometimes Irish wolfhounds are also allowed to cut the ribbon~

It is worth mentioning that the Irish wolfhound His intelligence quotient ranks 41st among all dogs. He is a very thoughtful pet. He is also very friendly and can play with children. He is a very trustworthy dog ​​breed.

Therefore , Don’t think that the Irish wolfhound that is too big is “scary”. In fact, the dog’s personality and size are not directly related. If you are considering raising a giant dog with a gentle personality, the Irish wolfhound is a good choice!