There was a cat lying in a torn plastic bag. I felt very distressed when I got closer to see it clearly.

Pet Story

Yesterday, veterinarian Xiao Ming saw a short story on the Internet: On a cold day, a Garfield cat huddled in a torn plastic bag on the side of the road, lifeless at all, and it was very distressing to see.

There was a cat lying in a torn plastic bag. I felt very distressed after I got closer to see it clearly

Early this morning, a netizen passed by When I was driving a car, I found several plastic bags piled up at the rear of the car. It seemed that someone had thrown them there intentionally, because there was a trash can not far away.

There was a cat hiding in the white garbage bag, with tears on its face and squinting eyes, showing no vitality at all.

At first, netizens thought that this cat was most likely a stray cat, because it was too cold, so it was huddled in a plastic bag.

But when I got closer, I realized that this was not the stray cat we usually see, but a Garfield cat. Judging from the appearance, it looked good. I couldn’t help but be very curious: there are also breed cats. leave? Did the original owner have a mine at home?

But when some kind-hearted people came to help the cat, the truth gradually emerged.

A woman saw how pitiful the cat was, so she packed some cat food to feed it. When the cat slowly stood up to eat, everyone was surprised to find that even the intestines were exposed from the cat’s butt. Oh, it's prolapsed!

At this time, everyone understood the reason why the cat was abandoned. It turned out that it was not the uranium mine at home, but that it was a sick cat and the owner was reluctant to spend money on it.

Seeing the appearance of this Garfield cat, veterinarian Xiao Ming felt very uncomfortable. Originally, it was difficult for Garfield to eat due to facial structure problems, but now he is forced to wander. Doesn’t this deny him a way to survive?

There is a cat lying in a torn plastic bag. I feel very distressed when I get closer to see it clearly

Everyone couldn't bear to see this cat just waiting for death, so someone contacted the local stray animal protection agency.

When it was sent to the hospital for examination, the doctor’s examination result was that it wasIntestinal prolapse has been delayed for a long time, so surgery must be performed as soon as possible.

We couldn’t bear to see the cat suffer anymore, so we asked the doctor to arrange surgery.

Perhaps even God feels sorry for this cat. The operation went very smoothly. As long as he provides more nutrition in the following days, he should be able to fully recover in a short time.

There was a cat lying in a torn plastic bag. I felt very distressed after I got closer to see it clearly

Everyone can see how well-behaved the cat is, and in a group of strangers It didn't show any aggression around me, and even seemed particularly quiet when being examined by the doctor. Why would such an obedient cat have any reason to abandon it? Is it just because of illness?

In fact, there are too many such things. People always throw away their pets for various reasons. What makes veterinarian Xiao Ming difficult to understand is, don’t they have feelings for each other?

I hope everyone will not abandon pets at will. No matter what the reason is, if you choose to keep them, you must be responsible for their lives.