A stray puppy with a teddy bear became popular, and the owner came to blackmail him? !

Pet Story

Really, it’s another day when our outlook is shattered.

Remember that stray puppy with a toy bear?

Yes, it’s the little stray dog ​​that made the whole internet cry.

If I didn’t pay attention to its follow-up, I wouldn’t be as angry as I am now!

I heard that the original owner who abandoned it appeared!

It’s not a discovery of conscience, let alone guilt.

It’s about asking for money, can you believe it? !

It is in line with the old saying: how beautiful the beginning is, how angry it will be in the follow-up.

Don’t know the story of “Teddy Bear Stray Dog”? Reminisce with me.

The stray puppy with the teddy bear became popular, and the abandoned owner actually came to the door to blackmail?!

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The thing is like this, netizen @华月 met a little stray by the river.

The little wanderer's body and face were dirty, but he had a pair of particularly charming blue eyes.

Seeing the delicate collar on the dog’s neck, the lady guessed that the dog might have been lost or abandoned by someone.

It is raining outside, but in order to satisfy his hunger, the puppy can only pick up garbage by the river in the rain.

I couldn’t find anything to eat, so I gnawed the grass on the ground.

Looking at it, it must have been hungry for a long time.

Grass tastes so delicious.

The young lady couldn’t bear to leave like this, so she wanted to take the dog back to her home first.

The dog seemed to see what the little sister was thinking, but it did not leave immediately with the little sister.

But he grunted anxiously while using his dirty paws to pull at the little sister.

At first, the young lady thought that the dog might be waiting for its owner here and was unwilling to leave.

But after careful observation, she found that the puppy seemed to be leading her somewhere.

So the young lady followed the puppy to see what was going on.

Until I walked back to the small river where I started, I saw an equally dirty toy bear...

It turned out that it wanted to take its little bear with it.

Probably rawAfraid that the little sister would dislike the little bear because it was too dirty, the puppy licked the toy bear again and again, as if to say: Look, it is very clean, can you take it away with it?

The young lady burst into tears instantly: You are an abandoned puppy, but you don’t want to abandon your little bear.


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The young lady quickly picked up the toy bear.

Sure enough, this time the puppy stopped whining and followed the little sister closely all the way home.

I don’t know how long this puppy has been wandering and how much suffering it has suffered.

After examination, it was found that the dog had serious skin diseases and was also infected with coronavirus.

However, after treatment, the lady is still confident that the dog will recover.

The little sister picked up the little bear together and gave it a bath carefully.

I even found a companion for it.

The two little ones have become clean and can no longer look as pitiful as before.

The three aboriginal dogs at the young lady’s house also quickly accepted their new friends.

It’s great that the new life of the dog and the bear is about to begin.

The young lady shared the story of the teddy bear puppy on a certain website, which instantly moved many people to tears.

Unexpectedly, after the video went viral, the original owner of the puppy also appeared.

Then things gradually became magical.

The stray puppy with the teddy bear became popular, and the abandoned owner actually came to blackmail?!

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The original owner of the dog contacted the young lady and provided proof of purchase of the collar and toy bear, expressing that he wanted to claim the dog.

This is understandable.

Out of concern for the dog, the young lady still asked why the dog appeared at the river.

The original owner’s answer was that the dog got lost, and he told how hard it was to find the dog.I really want to get my dog ​​back as soon as possible.

I believe many people will be as confused as me when they see this.

That dog is so small, how did it pick up such a big toy bear and then get lost?

The young lady also felt that something was wrong, so out of caution, she asked the original owner to provide evidence of finding the dog, proving that she did not abandon it voluntarily.

Yes, as long as you take the initiative to find a dog, it is not difficult to provide proof.

Friends, community property, flyers... When a dog gets lost, the owner will probably use all possible means. It is not easy to provide evidence.

However, the original owner avoided talking, and even his communication attitude became tougher:

You have an obligation to return my dog ​​to me!

After talking about this, we have basically concluded that the original owner abandoned the dog on his own initiative. The young lady decisively refused the request to claim the dog.

Seeing that the young lady refused to let go, the original owner changed his communication strategy and tried to spend some money to redeem the dog.

The words sounded like "you just want money."

However, how could others not see his thoughts? The puppy is now popular, so he spends a small amount of money to get the dog, and then uses the dog's popularity to harvest a wave of traffic!

After the young lady discovered her true purpose, she stopped pretending and said directly: If you want my dog, you can buy it with money.

And it’s 10,000 as soon as you open your mouth!

This is probably the mentality of thinking that it is impossible to harvest traffic by relying on the popularity of puppies, so it is better to be able to make a small sum of money.

Seeing the rogue attitude of the other party who would not give up until he achieved his goal, the young lady did not want to tangle with this kind of person anymore, and finally transferred money to the other party.

Are you disgusted and crying by this kind of "you are sending a beggar" and "payment has been collected" operation?

To be honest, it is really despicable to abandon a dog maliciously, then come back to claim it after finding out that the dog is profitable. In the end, the dog is rejected and the dog is asked for money.

Thanks to the young lady’s persistence, the teddy bear puppy has a new life, away from the former owner who only cares about profit, is incompetent and immoral.

I also hope that everyone can see clearly who should be blamed, instead of blaming the young lady for not doing a good enough job.