Ibex attacks British town and roams local area for 100 years

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Recently, in Llandudno, Wales, England, locals launched a "war" against wild goats.

Llandudno is a coastal town, and the sudden arrival of stray goats broke the peace here. The horned "wanderers" are suddenly appearing on the streets, breaking into local hotels and disrupting care homes.

Wild goats attack a British town and roam the area for 100 years

The goats chew any vegetation they can get their hands on.

A report released by the local council said that after Queen Victoria gave the goats to the local lord, the goats returned to a wild state and no person or organization would be legally responsible for them. People don’t use fences to restrict the movement of Kashmiri goats. But in the 1990s, people used shooting to control excessive goat growth.

A variety of options were considered, including shooting goats that were sick, injured or very old, the report said. The proposal was supported by all parties, but was overturned after massive public demonstrations in the Bodrum Deb Nature Reserve.

Wild goats attack British town and roam local for 100 years

Previous reports said that Kashmiri goats have been eating garden leaves. Fences, nibbling on flowers, running around in the streets and even fighting in supermarket car parks. The goats, which have lived in the town and its surrounding mountains for more than 100 years, rose to fame when they took over the deserted streets during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. More than 200 goats regularly leave the mountains of Great Orme and wander the streets.