A woman encounters a blue and white cat, and after petting it a few times, she discovers a surprise

Pet Story

I wonder how dirty a cat can be? Until I saw it.

As we all know, cats love cleanliness the most. They clean themselves every day, but there are exceptions to everything, and there are also "sloppy cats".

The woman encountered a blue and white cat and petted it a few times. There is a

For example, as follows The cat in this story.

On her way back to the village, the woman found a blue and white cat lying on the side of the road, looking around boredly.

"Mimi, come here~" She squatted down and called softly to the cat. As a cat lover, she would naturally not let any cat go. Unexpectedly, this cat was not afraid of animals at all. After the woman shouted a few times, it ran directly towards her.

Facing such a close cat, the woman naturally couldn't control her inner joy and hurriedly stroked the cat. Unexpectedly, a few seconds later, she saw her hand again. , but got a "surprise": "Why did the color fade?"

The woman's originally clean hands turned as black as if they were burnt after touching the cat a few times.

Then she patted the cat's butt a few more times. Unexpectedly, black smoke immediately came out, which shocked the woman: "Oh my god, there is actually smoke!"

< p>In fact, before the woman touched the cat, she was mentally prepared. Cats in rural areas are somewhat dirty. After all, they are free-range and run outside all day long. But she really never thought that they would be so dirty. The stains still have some traces left after being washed for a long time.

But because it was so well-behaved, the woman still masturbated for a long time.

The woman encountered a blue and white cat and petted it for a few times. There was a

When the woman took the cat When the "dirty cat" was shared on social networking sites, it also attracted the attention of many netizens.

Some netizens said bluntly that this was the first time they had seen such a dirty cat.

Some netizens speculated that this cat must clean chimneys, otherwise why would it be so dirty?

Later, the woman also gave a follow-up, sheHe said that he met the cat by chance. He had a kind of caring attitude about him that didn’t care about others. The reason why he was smoking was because he ran into a pile of coal. In rural areas of Guizhou, many people burn coal for heating. Cats The cat probably just came out of the coal pile.