An explosion in a dairy barn in the United States killed 180,000 cows

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Recently, a huge explosion destroyed a dairy barn in West Texas, USA. Firefighters spent several hours controlling the fire.

An explosion occurred in a dairy barn in the United States, killing 18,000 cows

According to statistics, the explosion killed 18,000 cows in total. , which is considered the largest cow fatality in history. In addition to the tragedy of losing the cows themselves, their deaths also caused huge losses of US$36 million (approximately 246 million yuan). A farm worker was seriously injured in the explosion but is in stable condition.

It is understood that the explosion occurred in Castro County, one of the largest dairy-producing counties in the United States. According to the 2021 Texas Annual Dairy Review, there are more than 30,000 dairy cows in the county. The 18,000 cows that died accounted for 90% of the farmer's herd, which was a mix of Holstein and Jersey cows. Each of these cows is worth about US$2,000 (approximately 13,000 yuan). Because they need to be milked, they are squeezed together.

Locals claimed that the sound and smoke of the explosion could be seen miles away. Pictures show huge plumes of smoke towering into the clouds, which is terrifying. Dimit resident Kennedy Claraman told the media: "It's crazy, the sky is black, it looks like there is fog in the streets. The place is burned."

An explosion occurred in a dairy barn in the United States Explosion, killing 18,000 cows

The exact cause of the explosion remains unknown, but County Judge Mandig Feller suspects a malfunction equipment may be the source of the explosion. "It's unbelievable, I don't think this has ever happened here before," Dimit Mayor Roger Malone said. "It's a real tragedy."