The little girl cried because of the dog's stinky feet. I shared this with a netizen because it smelled good...

Pet Story

Have you ever received an invitation code for "Smell Dog's Smelly Feet"?

If we say, the owner who has never smelled the dog’s stinky feet is not a good poop collector!

So, netizen @邱黄伟 is definitely a great official...

Because he is not only obsessed with the smell of his dog’s feet, but he also always shares it with others. Among them, the most unfortunate victim was his little niece.

I endured pain that I shouldn’t have to bear at such a young age. Seeing my niece burst into tears, a netizen explained aggrievedly: “Because the dog’s feet smell so good, that’s why I wanted to share it with everyone. My niece heard it and unexpectedly she cried. You can’t blame me!”

The little girl cried because of the smelly dog's feet. Netizen: I shared it because it smelled good. Give her...

May I ask this netizen, did your niece's parents beat you when they found out about this?

The habit of "smelling dog's stinky feet" is not uncommon in the dog breeding circle. More and more poop collectors are not limited to smelling, but also have unique insights into it. Dog’s stinky feet are the best sleeping pill!

@ Fatwaerpangdudu

I now smell its stinky feet dozens of times every day. The more I smell, the more addictive I become. It’s smelly and fragrant. It’s amazing...< /p>

The dog often puts his hands on my face when I sleep at night. Close contact with smelly feet is the best sleeping pill.

The dog’s front and back feet smell bad! one! Sample!


It smells like popcorn. My dog’s front feet smell better than his back feet, a sweet smell of sweat. Its stinky feet will make me feel! by! arrive! fortunate! blessing!

@Alice Ran

The head of my dog’s head is particularly fragrant and fresh, his ears smell like honey, and his feet smell like fried wheat, which smells very reassuring. There is a sense of happiness!

The dog’s stinky feet smell like old yogurt, and I still want to smell it!


My fat girl also has foot odor, but it is not a foul smell. It smells like fermented old yogurt. I still want to smell it. The more I smell it, the more I smell it. The smell is the most authentic after the dog has been bathed for 5 days!


I like the smell of my son five days after taking a bath. How can I say this? It actually feels sweet and fragrant!

It sounds like a crazy statement, but there is a saying. The poop pickers did not over-interpret the smell of dog jiojio. This sweet smell, similar to popcorn and white rice, is emitted by bacteria and fungi in dog paws!

The little girl cried because of the smelly dog's feet. Netizen: I shared it with her because it smelled good...

When dogs go out for a walk, the gaps between their paws will be contaminated with actinomycetes from the soil, and coupled with their own sweat, Proteus and yeast will form. At this time, jiojio will have its own sweet smell. If someone asks, "Does the dog's feet smell strange like shit?" There is only one possibility, that is, it stepped on the "Yonetian Communist Party"...

Ahem..., let's get back to the topic. When you find that your dog is always licking its feet frequently, it is likely that it has interdigital inflammation. The poop collector must treat the owner in time, because interdigital inflammation will make their paws very painful and itchy.

The treatment of interdigital inflammation is super simple, and it can basically be cured after a week of treatment.

Finally, Awen would like to ask everyone! "Have you ever smelled your dog's jiojio? Is it on top?"