British angler catches giant carp weighing 30kg

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Have you ever seen a carp as heavy as a child? Andy Hackett is a 42-year-old fishing enthusiast from Worcestershire. Recently, he caught a giant carp while fishing in France. It took him 25 minutes to catch the fish. This is the largest fish he has caught so far.

British angler catches giant carp, weighing 30 kilograms

According to media reports, the giant carp weighed 67 pounds (about 30 kilograms) , one of the largest carp in the world, comes from the Blue Water Lake in Champagne County, France. It is also nicknamed "carrot" because of its bright orange, goldfish-like appearance. In comparison, the average weight of a 10-year-old boy ranges from 24kg to 49kg.

Twenty years ago, this "carrot" was released into the fishing ground. The locals only knew it was swimming in the lake, but they never thought it could grow into a giant. Fishery manager Jason Cowler congratulated Andy on catching the fish and said although Carrot had been swimming in the water for 20 years, it didn't come out often and was very elusive.

British angler catches giant carp weighing 30kg

Andy said: "It's the orange scales that give it away. For an ordinary fish You would have a hard time seeing them if they were underwater, but the carrot is obviously bright orange so you can't miss it. It's like a regular big fish, heavy and slow to swim. When it eats When my bait surfaced more than 30 meters away from me, I realized it was such a big fish. It was really great to catch it, but it was also pure luck."

Finally, Andy took a photo with "Carrot" and then put it safely back into the lake.