A 70-year-old man in Fujian caught a cobra with his bare hands and almost had his leg amputated. Will the snake survive after soaking it in wine?

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As for snakes, some people are instinctively afraid of snakes, and some people dare to catch snakes with their bare hands. However, no matter how experienced you are in catching snakes, there is always a risk of being bitten when catching snakes with your bare hands. Especially when catching venomous snakes, you must pay attention to being bitten. Otherwise it is dangerous.

Recently in Quanzhou, Fujian In a traditional Chinese medicine hospital, the doctor received a 70-year-old Uncle Hong. His right hand was severely swollen, and local subcutaneous tissue necrosis in his right hand was very obvious. According to his family, because a cobra was found, and this The uncle drank again and took advantage of the wine to embolden him. He forgot to take protective measures and was bitten by a cobra while catching the snake.

After being bitten, Uncle Hong developed symptoms such as erythema all over his body, chest tightness, a drop in blood oxygen and blood pressure, and anaphylactic shock. In particular, the bitten right hand was so swollen that he almost died. Amputation. After timely treatment by doctors, the swelling and pain in Uncle Hong's right hand began to subside, and his condition is now improving.

Catching a snake with bare hands is inherently risky, especially if it is a venomous snake, and the cobra is also a highly venomous snake. Its venom is a mixture of neurological and blood venom. If you are not treated in time after being bitten, your life will be in danger. , so when you encounter a snake, you must avoid being attacked by venomous snakes.

A 70-year-old man from Fujian caught a cobra with his bare hands and almost had his limb amputated. How can a snake soaked in wine survive?

In the genus Cobra There are about 20 kinds of cobras at present. It is easy to observe whether a cobra is in an angry state. When the cobra stands half-erected, the front part of the snake body is erected, and the skin folds on both sides of the neck expand, it also makes a "whisper". The "whooping" sound indicates that the cobra is in an angry state, has been angered, and is ready to attack the enemy at any time. Therefore, when the snake holds its body half upright, you should pay attention to it. This is a kind of sound made by snakes. Warning sound, don't provoke, avoid being attacked.

The Zhoushan cobra, which is common in China, is generally 1.5 to 2 meters long, with double-circle "glasses"-shaped markings exposed on the back of its neck. The Zhoushan cobra is also known as the Chinese cobra, flat-necked snake, flat-headed snake, Rice shovel head, etc., mainly divided intoDistributed in southern China, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Hubei, Hunan, etc.

Many people catch snakes in order to soak the poisonous snakes in wine. They stuff the live snakes directly into the wine. They think that the wine soaked with snakes has many functions such as medicinal and curative effects. However, in fact, the wine soaked with snakes has There are certain risks, including parasites, etc., which may even pose a threat to your own life.

There have been many cases where snakes soaked in wine survived and directly bit the person who opened the bottle. For example, a man in Heilongjiang bought three venomous snakes as raw materials for making wine. The venomous snakes were soaked in white wine for 12 months. Finally, when the lid of the wine jar was opened, the poisonous snake jumped out and bit the person.

Why does this happen? Condition? This is because snakes will enter a state of suspended animation, that is, snakes may enter a dormant state in harsh environments and remain motionless as if dead. In fact, these snakes are not really dead and still have vital signs. When the environmental conditions become suitable Or when stimulated, the snake will wake up and directly attack the person opening the bottle.

Or the wine bottle may not be sealed well enough or the alcohol concentration may not be enough to kill the snake. On the contrary, venomous snakes can easily turn the wine into ordinary water, rendering its toxin ineffective, so it cannot kill the snake. These snakes are killed by anesthetizing them, so there will be situations where the snakes are soaked in wine and the snakes do not die.

Please note: Summer is the active season for various snakes. Pay special attention to snake prevention. If you are attacked by a snake, it is best to take a photo of the snake in time and remember the general appearance of the snake. , which will help the hospital quickly find the corresponding antivenom, and only by administering antivenom in time can we be prepared.