Two snakes were discovered in a row in a persimmon forest in Zhejiang. What is the sign?

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In the hot summer, it is easy to encounter various snakes, such as huge pythons, ferocious king cobras, highly venomous bungar snakes, etc. Recently, in Haining, Zhejiang, a farmer encountered an unusual snake for two consecutive days while doing farm work in the persimmon forest. This snake has no tail, but looks like it has two snake heads. Seeing such a strange snake, Farmers didn't dare to get close and left after taking photos.

Two snakes were found in a persimmon forest in Zhejiang. What is the sign?

According to the farmer, the snake on the first day was more than 30 centimeters long. , the next day another snake was only more than 20 centimeters, and the color was black. He suspected that there might be a snake nest hidden in the orchard, and he did not know whether the snake was venomous. He was a little worried, so he immediately notified the forestry department and asked for help. help.

After confirmation by the staff, this snake is not a mutant species, nor is it an exotic species. It is a native species, called the blunt-tailed two-headed snake. Its tail is round and blunt, with patterns. , size, etc., are very similar to the head of a blunt-tailed two-headed snake, so it is easy for people to think that it has two heads. In fact, the tail that looks like a head has no eyes, mouth, etc. You can still distinguish the snakes if you observe carefully. The head and tail of the snake, the blunt-tailed two-headed snake belongs to the family Colubridae and is a non-venomous snake.

Among snakes, many snakes such as cobras and rattlesnakes have two heads. Two heads grow on one end of the snake. This is a double-headed snake caused by a genetic mutation. This is because the double-headed snake has two heads. Snakes are twins born from one egg. During the development process, due to the influence of environmental and other factors, deformed eggs are formed. It may also be because the snake's genes (the part that controls the head) are unstable and prone to mutation, that is, mutant snakes.

A two-headed snake will appear with two heads trying to control one snake body, so which one will act? Often two-headed snakes have no way to adjust common steps. If one snakehead sees a threat and the other snakehead does not see the danger, whether to escape or attack, etc., it will make them make wrong predictions about the danger, making it more difficult for them to survive. Wild survival.

The blunt-tailed snake looks like it has two heads at both ends. In fact, it has only one snake head. The other head-like head is the tail of the blunt-tailed snake, which is used to camouflage or scare away. The enemy used snake species that already existed.

Two-headed snakes are found in a persimmon forest in Zhejiang. What is the sign?

Two-headed snakes are a genus of snakes in the family Colubridae. Blunt-tailed two-headed snakes are the main species. Distributed in central and southern China, there are also Yunnan two-headed snakes distributed in Yunnan, and sharp-tailed two-headed snakes distributed in southern and southwest China, so the two-headed snakes are not mutated snakes.

What does the two-headed snake mean?

For some uncommon situations, it is always easy to think that there will be abnormal situations, such as "Tengu Eclipse, Sun Eclipse and Moon", "Super Blood Moon" ” and other phenomena were regarded as bad omens by the ancients. Two-headed snakes were also regarded as ominous by the ancients. In one example, Sun Shuao, a minister of the State of Chu, discovered a two-headed snake. In order to prevent others from seeing it again, he immediately buried the "ominous" two-headed snake.

Two-headed snakes are found in a persimmon forest in Zhejiang. What is the sign?

In fact, two-headed snakes are widely distributed in China, in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, They are distributed in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Henan, Hunan, Sichuan, etc., but they are relatively uncommon because they are cave-dwelling snakes and rarely move on the ground, so people generally cannot find traces of them.

It is not uncommon to find two two-headed snakes in the orchard this time. On the one hand, there are many earthworms in the orchard. This kind of snake mainly feeds on earthworms, etc., which will attract the blunt-tailed two-headed snake. On the other hand, due to the recent increase in rain and the relatively humid weather, earthworms have come to the ground to move around. The blunt-tailed two-headed snake will also come to the surface after the rain, so the appearance of the blunt-tailed two-headed snake is not a sign.

The blunt-tailed two-headed snake is only distributed in Vietnam abroad, so it is also a snake species unique to China and Vietnam. It has been included as one of the protected wild animals by the State Forestry Administration in China. , is included in the list of three national protected animals and is also a protected snake.