A Wandering Cat Dear Master, please don’t worry about me

Pet Story

I remember I used to have a name, Shuan Zhu. Anyway, I won’t be called that name anymore. If you forget, just forget it.

When I woke up, I found it was a bit cold. I remembered that I had slept on a stool. The room was a bit messy. The sofa was piled with things, including clothes, bags, and plastic bags with snacks. I had everything. I had no place to put my feet, and she wouldn't let me sleep with clothes. I would be scolded every time I slept, and I couldn't sleep on the bed because I would be beaten. She had just used the computer. I heard her video chatting with someone, saying that she was moving there in the next few days. The other person seemed to be asking her if she wanted help. She said no, she had nothing to bring, so she turned off the computer and entered I went to bed in the room, and the stool was empty, and there was still some residual warmth from her. I happened to jump on it, and then the residual warmth also took a nap.

The Wandering Cat - Dear Master, Please Don't Worry About Me

I woke up and didn't know where I was? There was grass next to me, and there was no longer a stool under my body, but a concrete floor that was colder than the stool. I was finally thrown out.

Actually, I have realized it a long time ago. She doesn’t like me that much. She never takes pictures of me. She changes the water and cat litter box every 2 or 3 days... Anyway, it’s all my own shit. It'll probably last a week. But I am still very grateful to her. After all, she liked me. She took me home when I was half a year old, gave me a name, and bought me a collar. She has been having a rough time recently, with her boyfriend. She broke up and got a new job. The new job is far away from here. She has to move again. It’s not always possible to rent a cheap single room. I heard that she will be sharing a room with someone else this time. The other person doesn’t like long hair. animal, I saw the hesitation in her eyes, and I don’t blame her.

I have never slept outside or lived in a group. Just at this moment, several groups of cats have come one after another, pointing at me and saying anything. , I was really scared the first few days.

"Boy! This land is mine! Please teach me some sense!"

"Yo yo yo! Another person who was kicked out said that human beings are the worst! They deserve it. !”

“I’m still wearing a necklace, and I don’t know who to show it to!

That’s right, it’s really disgusting!”

“Mom, look over there. There is a new cat."

"Go away, mind your own business, and dig through this trash can."

Suddenly, a little civet cat that was much smaller than me jumped out. All the cats who saw the joke were chased away.

"You all go away! He is my brother! I will protect you from now on!"

"You, ignore them, these useless gangsters,Just follow me! ”

Wandering Cat - Dear Master, Please Don't Worry About Me

Later she told me not to mix with other cats , saying that I am a domesticated cat, I am knowledgeable and educated, I am different from them, don’t be a bad imitator, I will have a home again. Will I have a home again? I don’t even believe it myself.

In this way, I spent a winter with the little civet cat. It was so cold. Compared with finding food, it was more difficult to find a warm place. We looked everywhere for a place to stay for a night and stayed together. Keeping each other warm, it turns out it’s so cold outside, it turns out the snow freezes my feet so much, the cold bench before is really nothing, I miss her occasionally, forget it, I think she should be living better than before, I won’t miss her anymore, I hope she won’t miss me anymore.