I took my Samoyed out for a walk and encountered a fake tiger. Samoyed, I was being cautious.

Pet Story

When it comes to sledding, I believe everyone is familiar with the three fools. Dasha is the larger Alaskan, the second fool is the expressive husky, and the third fool is the snow-white angel Samoyed. Speaking of Samoyed, I believe many netizens will be very fascinated by it. With its snow-white hair and angelic smile, it is full of healing feeling.

Take the Samoyed for a walk and encounter a fake tiger. Samoyed: I am being cautious

But, today I want to say But there is another side of Samoyed, which is simply "cowardly".

On this day, netizens saw that the weather was fine, so they planned to take their Samoyed out for a walk. I happened to be passing by a very lively neighborhood. There was a stuffed tiger in the middle of the road, the kind that children could sit on and take photos with. Netizens wanted their dogs to take a photo with it. But who knows, the Samoyed who saw the "tiger" suddenly became scared...

Samoyed: "Oh my god, it's a tiger, you idiot? Isn't it good to be alive? Let me go. Let me go." Let’s go!”

Netizen: “That’s a toy, it’s a toy! Go up and take a photo, and you can show off in front of other dogs next time!”

Take a Samoyed Samoyed went out for a walk and met a fake tiger. Samoyed: I am being cautious.

In the end, the netizen obviously couldn't resist trying to stay away from the tiger. Samoyed, let Samoyed run away...

I feel that in fact, the Samoyed cannot be entirely blamed. After all, the IQ of dogs is similar to that of human children. Sometimes our human children are also afraid of their appearance. Horrible doll, this is actually the instinct of living things.