A mother hamster gave birth to 7 cubs, and the woman took photos and showed them off holding them in her hands

Pet Story

Logically speaking, when the family pet becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child, the shit-sweeper loves it very much, because not only does the big family have a new member, but his own seniority has also been improved, which is really a good thing.

But sometimes ignorance can turn good things into bad things. Let’s take a look at the short story shared by a netizen below, which is a bit regretful.

The mother hamster gave birth to 7 cubs, and the woman held them in her hands to take pictures and show off

The woman raised them at home If you have a female hamster, you all know that hamsters have very strong reproductive capabilities. It’s no problem to give birth to about 10 hamsters in a litter, and the woman’s hamster is also pregnant, which is really something to be happy about.

The mother hamster gave birth to 7 cubs soon after, and they were pink, tender and very cute! The woman seemed particularly excited, so she wanted to record this exciting moment, so she held the hamster in her hand and took a photo. At the same time, she posted on WeChat Moments: There is a new member in the family.

But when her friend saw it, she bluntly said that she had caused trouble and asked her to put the little hamsters back into the nest quickly, otherwise, the lives of the hamsters in the nest might not be saved. It turns out that after the baby hamster is contaminated with human odor, once the mother hamster becomes xenophobic, she may eat the baby hamster with the wrong smell.

The mother hamster gave birth to 7 cubs, and the woman held them in her hands to take pictures and show off

Hey, I feel like I am raising them You must understand the pet's living habits before petting it, otherwise you may make some mistakes due to ignorance. What this woman did may lead to tragedy.

Through this little story, we are told that we must read more books and accumulate some knowledge and common sense, otherwise ignorance may cause unnecessary trouble.

As the saying goes, books are the ladder of human progress. There is no harm in reading more. Instead of wasting time watching boring TV shows every day, it is better to spend some time reading books. The knowledge in the book is a lifetime wealth and can stay with people forever. Like some irrational fans on the Internet, and some people who are often fooled, all because their knowledge is too narrow.

Female hamster After giving birth to 7 cubs, the woman held them in her hands and took photos to show off.

In winter, it is best to keep the temperature of the hamster's living environment at 20-28 degrees. In between, avoid placing their nests in air vents. Also do not place them near loud electrical appliances, such as computers, TVs, etc., because hamsters can hear some sounds that humans cannot hear.

It is best to put the hamster's cage in a cardboard box, but be careful to poke some holes for ventilation. You can feed them some peanuts, walnuts, etc., and for vegetables, you can feed them vegetables, carrots, etc. The hamster's teeth will remain They will continue to grow, so scavengers need to prepare some teeth grinding items for them.