There was a loud noise at home. I thought it was a cat causing trouble. When I went out to see it, I took a few steps back.

Pet Story

Speaking of the environment abroad, it is really good. Otherwise, wild animals would often appear. But I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. After all, some dangerous animals are quite scary.

When I was in high school, there was a snake hidden in a drawer at home, and it stayed there for a week. Let’s take a look at the short story shared by this netizen below.

There was a loud noise at home, I thought it was a cat causing trouble, so I went out and took a few steps back

This For foreign old couples who live alone, because the public security nearby is relatively good, they usually don't close the door when they go to bed at night.

That night, a loud noise suddenly came from the home. At first they thought it was a cat causing trouble, because the neighbor's cat always jumped out at night to visit, but today there was a lot of noise. So they came out to check the situation and wanted to drive the cat away, but after seeing clearly, they took several steps back and broke into a cold sweat: Where did the big cat come from?

It turns out that the loud noise was really caused by a cat, but it was not a kitten, but a cougar. Just when the old lady was about to scream, the old man reminded her not to make any noise. As long as she didn't make too much noise to scare it, it would generally not attack people. The cougar was later driven away with the help of police.

I also breathed a sigh of relief. The couple was also very generous and left the door unlocked in the middle of the night. But why did the snake that appeared at veterinarian Xiao Ming’s house live there for a week? Because it appeared a week ago, I thought it was driven away, but a week later it was still there. Because there is superstition in rural areas that this kind of snake is a domestic snake and cannot be killed, so we just drove it away at that time.

Nowadays, many people are busy immigrating. They feel that the environment abroad is good and everything is good, even the moon is rounder. In fact, the fact is that although many places abroad are very developed, China is not bad at all. Take this epidemic as an example, which country has better epidemic prevention measures than ours?

There was a loud noise at home. I thought it was a cat causing trouble. When I went out, I took a few steps back.

It was true. Some have already been movedPeople who changed their nationality chose to fly back for treatment, safety and survival. I really despise these people. In fact, our country's development speed has been very fast in recent years, and its policies in many aspects are no less than those of some developed countries. I hope there will be fewer people who admire foreign things.

Some cat owners will find through monitoring that cats at night will come close to the person to observe the person. This may be because they want the cat to play with them at this time, and also to see if the cat is still alive. After all, cats love their owners very much.

If you don’t want cats to have parkour behavior at night, you can reduce their sleep time during the day and spend more time interacting and playing with them. In addition, you can add some cat food to their bowl before going to bed, so that they will not bother the poop scooper because they are hungry.