A woman kept feeding a stray cat, and the cat rewarded her with a small dried fish.

Pet Story

In the past, people relied on shrewd civet cats to catch mice in their homes. It is said that civet cats are smart and understanding of human nature. This is a "truth" recognized by most people.

The stray tabby cat below is really clever and affectionate. His little brain is so smart that he can barely speak when he becomes a human.

The woman is a cat lover. When she goes shopping, she will pet the cats raised in stores. She once picked up a little milk cat that was just one month old in the green belt and found an owner for it.

Not to mention that the woman and the cat were quite destined. After sending away the little milk cat, she met an adult civet cat. Seeing that it had a tiger-like head and a tiger-like brain, the woman named it Xiaohu.

The woman felt sorry for the little tiger who was wandering around and had no good food to eat, so she brought some canned cat food and other cat food to feed the cat every day. Although the cat can’t say the words of gratitude, it remembers it in its heart!

The woman kept feeding the stray cat, and the cat gave him a small dried fish in return.

In this way, the woman's family kept feeding the cat for almost a month. time. Originally, the woman only fed the cat out of care for the small animals. Unexpectedly, the cat had secretly had its own plan to repay the favor.

When the woman went to feed the cat early that morning, she found that the cat was already waiting here, with a small dried fish beside her. After seeing the woman, he pushed the dried fish towards the woman's feet: it turned out to be a gift for the woman!

The woman was still a little unbelievable. She picked up the dried fish and asked the cat: "Did you give this to me?" The cat waved its paws at the woman, licked its mouth, and meowed as if He is saying: I gave this to you, eat it quickly, it’s delicious!

The woman fed the stray cat continuously, and the cat gave a small dried fish in return

The woman felt so surprised and incredible at the same time: she He didn’t do much, but he didn’t expect that this cat actually knew how to repay him!

Although the cat's kindness is very precious, to be honest, this dried fish is really not very hygienic, and normal people generally cannot eat it.

After thanking the cat, the woman put the dried fish back in front of the cat: "Here, you eat, I'll give it to you... "But the cat didn't accept it.

It took two steps back, and then came to the cat bowl with some canned carrots and chicken left. It used its paws to pick up some meat and eat it. Then it looked at the woman, as if to say: I can just eat this. La.

The woman fed the stray cat continuously, and the cat gave a small dried fish in return

This scene almost warmed the woman's heart. melted. Who can resist such a grateful and sensible cat? At least the woman couldn't, because she had already adopted the cat in her yard at lightning speed.

After netizens saw this, they laughed and encouraged the woman to take a bite of dried fish: The cat was frugal and saved it. You should try it. Don’t make the cat uncomfortable. After all, it was his wish. .

Actually, this is not the first time that a cat has given something to a woman. It is said that it has also given chicken legs to a woman before. With such a series of acts of repayment, it is no wonder that the woman is willing to take it home.