Dog was tricked into diving into a plastic bottle and became very angry when he was trapped

Pet Story

What are the silly behaviors between dogs and their owners? Some of the behaviors make people laugh, but they also feel sorry for the dogs! Maybe the best thing is watching a dog slowly become silly?

The dog was tricked into diving into a plastic bottle, and he was very angry when he was trapped.

This This owner always uses his dog for fun, and the dog is always very cooperative! Looking at the way it was convulsing, I thought it had some problem with its IQ!

Normally, the owner likes to play with the dog. When he is bored at home, he always has many wonderful ideas. No, the owner thought of another way to make fun of the dog. He found an empty plastic bottle, cut the bottle in half, and tried to trick the dog into getting into the bottle.

This owner is also very playful. How could the dog get into such a small plastic bottle? Maybe we underestimated the loyalty of dogs. After obeying the owner’s instructions, the dog trotted all the way and dived directly into the bottle.

You may call it stupid, but the little guy is not stupid either. He just listens to his master’s words.

Although the dog’s little head got into the bottle, it couldn’t come out easily, so its head was trapped. The dog kept retreating and scratching with its paws, trying to free itself. But this bottle is so difficult to handle that I can't get it off.

The dog scratched his head and got very angry: Do you think my dog’s life is too long? Shit shovel, I believed your lies!

The owner was also very anxious. He originally just wanted to play with the dog, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult to get it off.

After being fooled this time, the dog may never dare to obey its owner’s instructions again. This experience is also a shadow on the road of life for it! His originally big head looked like it would be squashed flat. I feel that the owner is also using his strength to trick the dog, so he must stay away from plastic bottles in the future.

The dog was tricked into diving into a plastic bottle, and it was very angry when it was trapped

Actually , the play between the owner and the dog should be moderate, and one must pay attention to propriety. Behavior like this owner can easily endanger the life of the dog. If you stay in a plastic bottle for a long time, it is easy to have difficulty breathing. likeIf you play with a dog like this every time, over time, it will develop a sense of distrust in its owner, and its obedience will also decrease.

How to train a dog to obey its owner’s instructions?

In order to facilitate the dog’s understanding and memory, short sentences should be used as much as possible, and care should be taken not to say them repeatedly. When giving instructions, pay attention to your attitude and tone. If the dog obeys the instructions, reward him with snacks in time. If the dog does something it shouldn't do, correct it and stop it in time.

Owners should note that the training time should not be too long, generally no more than 15 minutes. Dogs can also get bored if it goes too long. For each command, repeated training is required to deepen the dog’s memory.