Five-clawed golden dragon appears in Yunnan with highly toxic saliva that can live up to 150 years

Pet Story

According to People's Daily Online, scientific researchers recently discovered the round-nosed monitor lizard for the first time while conducting wildlife monitoring work in the Huanglian Mountain National Nature Reserve in Yunnan.

According to reports, the length of this lizard is About 1 meter long, its whole body is yellowish brown and covered with round granular scales. Its saliva contains highly toxic substances.

The round-nosed monitor lizard is a national first-level protected wild animal in my country. It is a reptile of the order Lizardidae and is distributed in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is generally 1 to 2 meters long and weighs 20 to 30 kilograms. , commonly known as the "Five-clawed Golden Dragon" because of the yellow markings on its body, and its lifespan is as long as 150 years.

According to data, it lives in mountainous areas They are found near streams or coastal estuaries, mountain ponds, reservoirs and other places. They are aggressive and ferocious by nature. When in danger, they often use their powerful tails as weapons to beat each other. Round-nosed monitor lizards are good at swimming, climbing trees, and preying on fish. , frogs, snakes, birds, rats and insects, etc.

In terms of breeding method, it has a round nose Monitor lizards are oviparous. Females lay eggs in shore caves or tree holes during the rainy season from June to July. Each clutch lays 15-30 eggs, and the incubation period is 40-60 days.