Kitten Baofeng grows into a giant, and his owner looks stupid!

Pet Story

The way Toro plays with him, his huge size frightens the owner.

Many people like to keep pets since they were babies. Unexpectedly, they are actually surprise packages when they are small. Only when they grow up do they know what prizes they will win. The name of this maine coon cat His name is Toro, he is only 2 years old this year, but he has great potential for "development".

Kitten Baofeng grows into a

A netizen has two children at home, and they still raise He has 4 cats, and netizens share various pictures of children and cats living together on the Internet. The most eye-catching one is the 2-year-old Maine Coon cat Toro, who is already a giant despite his small size.

The kitten Baofeng has grown into a

One of the photos of Toro and the baby, It can be seen that its size is amazing. When it stretches its body, it is even taller than a child. Netizens exclaimed, "This size can be used as a baby's bodyguard!"

However, in response to everyone's surprise, the owner explained for Toro that it In fact, it is only 6 kilograms. Compared with the average weight of Maine Coon cats, which is 6 to 9 kilograms, it is actually considered small.