He was picked up by an eagle and thrown into the woods while taking drone aerial photography. He had no choice but to give up the search.

Pet Story

On the morning of May 10, a video of an "eagle" attacking a drone head-on at a scenic spot in Zhangjiajie citizens' circle of friends was widely forwarded. Many citizens jokingly commented that the combat effectiveness of the wild "eagle" was off the charts.

Zhang Xue, the pilot who was operating the drone at the time, said that she was a reporter at the Rong Media Center in Sangzhi County, and that day she received the task of shooting a promotional video at the Jiutianfenglian Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie. "It was about 8 o'clock in the morning. We went to shoot a promotional video for Jiutianfenglian Scenic Area. Not long after we took off, while we were filming, I saw it flying towards me. I was very excited to tell my colleagues that I had photographed the bird. I just finished saying that there was nothing The man and machine were captured and frightened."

I was picked up by an eagle during the drone's aerial photography: I was thrown into the woods, but I had no choice but to give up the search

Zhang Xue said that everything went smoothly after takeoff. Less than 2 minutes after filming, he saw a large bird flying rapidly towards the drone. "From the time it appears in the picture from the front to the moment you grab the drone and take it away, it only takes 30 seconds at most."

According to the footage captured by the drone, the drone is flying at a constant speed. At that moment, an eagle on a rock wall not far away went straight towards the drone. The slow-motion camera showed that the eagle also made a large circle when approaching the drone, as if it was doing something to confuse the prey before catching it. posture adjustment. "After slowing down, I realized it was an eagle, and I could clearly see the drone's propeller spinning, so not long after it grabbed the drone, it threw the drone in the woods."

After the drone was taken away, Zhang Xue and his colleagues quickly went to find the final location. Because it was a virgin forest park, surrounded by high mountains and dense forests. After more than an hour of climbing, they approached the location, but because Faced with the steep rock walls and tall trees in front of them, it was impossible to continue searching without the help of professional tools, so they had to give up the search.