I met a native dog in the countryside and I always thought it looked familiar. Who is your father?

Pet knowledge

Although many people dislike local dogs, you have to admit that each of them has a unique appearance and is not as stereotyped as exotic pet dogs. This is also its advantage, isn't it?

Their mysterious life experience also adds a bit of magic to them, such as the dog in the short story shared by a netizen below.

I met a local dog in the countryside and always thought it looked familiar: Who is your father?

When this netizen went to the countryside to play, he accidentally ran into a local dog raised by his neighbor. In fact, it was not interesting at first, but the appearance of this dog added to its identity. It always looked strange. weird.

I met a local dog in the countryside and always thought it looked familiar: Who is your father?

The dog's hair is yellow and white, and has no distinctive features, but its hair is very soft. It always looks familiar. Netizens are curious about its life experience and want to know who its father is. When it raised its head, netizens understood immediately when they saw its eyes, and couldn't help laughing.

Generally, native dogs are silly, but this native dog’s eyes are dull and full of misgivings. Isn’t this the descendant of so-and-so? It seems that it was born after its father came to cause trouble in the countryside!

Veterinarian Xiao Ming feels that the netizen’s guess is reasonable. There is no one else in the world who can reveal such a look except the captain of the house demolition team, right? Although this native dog does not inherit the color of its father's coat, its eyes say it all!

I met a local dog in the countryside and always thought it looked familiar: Who is your father?

Many people look down on local dogs from the bottom of their hearts, so now many pastoral dogs are not wanted even if they are given for free, because they are worthless and it would be shameless to take them out! Even those meat dogs that were eaten were mostly our pastoral dogs, which is very heartbreaking to think about.

In fact, veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that dogs should not be divided into three, six or nine grades. It is completely unnecessary, because apart from their appearance, there is no difference between them. In ancient times, we often felt unfair because of the inequality between men and women, so we really shouldn’t extend the unfairness to dogs. Treating everyone without distinction is the correct outlook.

Popular science by veterinarian Xiao Ming: In fact, pastoral dogs have very strong resistance, because most of them live in a very poor environment, which has led them to adapt to the harsh environment, so they rarely get sick. Even if they are sick, most of them can recover on their own. For example, if some pet dogs stray, their survival ability is very weak, and they are not as good as pastoral dogs.

And the IQ of pastoral dogs is actually very high, and many Chuan Chuan are very clever. So I hope everyone can treat dogs equally. Our pastoral dogs have unique looks, tenacious vitality, and are very cheap. Is there any reason why we don’t like them?