The ragdoll cat couldn't stand the intimacy between the two cats, so it turned its head to its owner proudly, and its eyes were too real

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For singles, the most unbearable thing is watching other people show affection. They are already very troubled when they don’t have a partner. It is simply too cruel to watch other people being sweet.

To put it another way, life is too difficult now. Not only are we poor, but we also don’t have a partner. Let’s take a look at the short story shared by a netizen below. It’s so true.

The Ragdoll cat can't stand the intimacy between two cats, so it turns its head to its owner arrogantly, its eyes are too real

This shit scraper has three Ragdoll cats at home, two of which are already in free love, and the remaining Ragdoll is lonely, watching them scatter cat food all day long.

One day when the shit-sweeper was watching TV in bed, three ragdoll cats were also there. I saw the pair of ragdoll cats openly showing off their affection, but the single ragdoll cat on the side couldn't stand it any more, and turned to its owner proudly: I can't live this life, find me a partner quickly!

Hahahahaha, the shit shovel officer will laugh to death from this Ragdoll cat, this look in his eyes is too real! A wave of jealousy filled the whole room. Who do you think is to blame? Everyone competes fairly, so why don't you have a partner? Aren't you inferior to others in terms of skills?

What bad thoughts can a kitten have? It just wants to show affection. Veterinarian Xiao Ming almost laughed until his stomach ached when he saw the action of this Ragdoll cat. Come on, eat this bowl of cat food!

Speaking of today’s couples, they fall in love quickly and break up quickly, just like eating in a cafeteria. Veterinarian Xiao Ming does not think this is a good thing. When both parties are together, they must understand each other and not just confirm the relationship in a hurry. Otherwise, it will be irresponsible to themselves and others.

In fact, veterinarian Xiao Ming still admires the ancient love of carriages and horses, which can withstand the test of time and settle down, instead of being broken up like the current love, which seems to have never existed. Same.

The Ragdoll cat can't stand the intimacy between two cats, so it turns its head to the owner arrogantly, the eyes are too real

Popular science by veterinarian Xiao Ming: Those who keep multiple pets at home should pay attention, catsBoth dogs and cats are territorial animals. Therefore, if you raise a cat or dog, you should pay attention to dividing the pet's respective territory. It is best to prepare an extra food bowl, water basin, etc. In addition, the poop scraper should not be partial to a certain pet, so as not to arouse the jealousy of other pets and cause conflicts.

If one of the pets becomes sick, isolate the sick pet from the healthy pet in time to avoid cross infection. If a sick pet dies, all of its belongings should be cleared out and the entire home should be disinfected.