I entrusted the dog to my girlfriend and went back three days later to watch it and couldn’t laugh or cry.

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Nowadays, more and more people are raising dogs. Different breeds of dogs have different personality characteristics. Whether they are warm-hearted golden retrievers, silly huskies or Chinese pastoral dogs that are loyal and protective of their owners, dogs have always been loved by the public. Favored by people, they have the magical power to amuse people with just one expression or movement, and are the source of people's happiness.

Entrust the dog to my girlfriend, and I will go back and watch it in three days and laugh or cry

Fan submission: I am a shit shoveler and I have a dog at home. The poodle named Maomao. From the outside, the first impression of Maomao is that it is quiet and elegant. But as long as you get along with it for a while, you will find that it is actually a real tease. Not only does it like to do things, but it also He has a fascination with playing tricks on people. On this day, I took Maomao to my girlfriend's house. Because I was going on a business trip for a few days, and being a good girlfriend also wanted to experience the feeling of being a shit shoveler, I entrusted Maomao to her.

Leave the dog to my girlfriend, and I will go back and watch it in three days and I will laugh and cry

Three days later, I rushed to my girlfriend's house as soon as I came back from a business trip. As a result, when I opened the door and saw that I couldn't laugh or cry immediately, in the living room, my girlfriend was training the dog. In order to pursue the effect, she also used the method of killing the chicken to scare the monkey, so that Maomao would not tear down the house again. Looking at the tigress who acted out whenever she disagreed, Maomao showed a special look that cared for the mentally retarded, and the confused expression on his face made him laugh to death.

Leave the dog to your girlfriend, I will go back and watch it in three days and you will laugh or cry

Girlfriend: "Hey, hey, look at me, look at me, see my hands This guy in there will end up like this when he demolishes the house. It will be the same for you. As long as you behave, I will buy you a gai. If you don’t behave, I will beat you up!"

Maomao: "This woman Are you okay? Are you crazy?? How can a well-behaved person be crazy even when he says he is crazy? I really don’t know what the master likes about her, I really can’t figure it out”