Cats like bathing very much. They enjoy every bath. Why are you so good, netizen?

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Many people like cats, such soft and cute creatures, because they may usually be very aloof to their owners, but when they become familiar with you, they will be very clingy. Some cats also There are some things that they don’t like, and that is bathing. Many cats are particularly afraid of water, and their hair will explode when they see water. The cat owner will resist in various ways when washing the cat, which makes many cat owners feel a headache. Of course, there are some cats that are exceptions, and some cats seem to particularly enjoy bathing.

Cats like bathing very much. They enjoy every bath. Netizen: Why are you so great?

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My friend got a kitten because he liked cats very much. When he bathed the cat for the first time, he was worried that the cat would be very repulsive. But to my friend’s surprise, the cat actually likes bathing very much and seems to enjoy it very much. My friend is very happy now. He was very worried at first, but it turns out that his cat likes bathing so much. Now he can give it to him. Save yourself a lot of trouble.

The friend happily gave the cat a bath. The cat was very cooperative throughout the process and did not make any fuss. It would close its eyes from time to time and enjoy the pleasure of bathing. My friends are all envious of the cat’s enjoyment. Is it really that comfortable? Cat:

Cats like bathing very much, and they enjoy every bath. Netizen: Why are you so good?

Most cats don’t like bathing that much. Although they love to be clean, bathing is really necessary for cats with medium and long hair, so we need to let cats Develop a good habit of taking a bath from an early age. For cats who don’t like bathing, they will struggle very hard. At this time, we cannot force it, otherwise the cat will be frightened. Moreover, the water temperature of the bath should not be too high or too low. A more suitable water temperature is around 38 degrees.

When taking a bath, first put the cat into the water and comfort it, then use a towel to wet the hair on its back. Try to avoid water entering the eyes and ears. It is recommended to useUse cat-specific shampoo or body wash. Do not use human shampoo or disinfectant to bathe the cat. This will damage the cat's skin and hair, which may easily lead to skin diseases. After washing, use an absorbent towel to absorb as much water as possible on the body, and then blow dry with warm air. Be sure not to let the cat catch a cold.