The heartbroken dog’s only relative is a doll, and some kindhearted people want to take it home

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Valentine's Day is originally a day full of happiness, but it is definitely a sad day for the 5-year-old dog Smokey. It was sent to a shelter by its owner with only a stuffed elephant toy for company. Poor Smokey has been depressed for weeks, which is frustrating the shelter staff.

The heartbroken dog's only relative is a doll, I heard that a kind person wants to take it home

This one has The pink-eared elephant doll has become Smokey's only companion, and he regards the baby elephant as his only "relative". Smith, the director of the shelter, also said, "If you want to take Smokey away, you must take his baby elephant with you." Smokey was greatly hurt when he came to the shelter. Faced with unfamiliar surroundings and strangers, Smokey became nervous and nervous, sometimes barking, and even unwilling to take a step.

The only relative of a heartbroken dog is a doll, and I heard that a kind-hearted person wanted to take it home.

Until a A rescue organization called "I Have a Dream" appeared and decided to help Smokey get out of the shadows. Misti Martin-Fuller, the director of the organization, said they want to help Smokey until he can be adopted. With the help of the rescue organization, Smokey gradually came out of the shadows and became less nervous. He also had a smile on his face and got along well with the employees of the rescue organization!

The heartbroken dog's only relative is a doll, and I heard that kind-hearted people wanted to take it home.

Later, A kind-hearted woman saw Smokey's information online and came to the shelter to take him home. After Smokey heardShe stared at the woman in front of her with wide eyes, a look of shock on her face, as if she was saying "Is it true?"

Heartbroken Dog The only relative I have is a doll, and I heard that kind-hearted people want to take it home.

The editor wants to say that if you have dogs at home, you must not abandon them easily, because this will become their psychological shadow! If you are also a person who loves dogs, go to the shelter to adopt them, give them a warm home, and let them stay with you and bring you happiness!