A stray kitten injured by a car in a heavy rain tried her best to seek help from humans

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The average lifespan of pet cats is 10 to 15 years, while the average lifespan of stray cats is only 3 years. Such simple numbers reflect cruel and true facts.

Pet cats have no worries about food and clothing. Even if they are sick, they are cared for by their owners. Stray cats have no one to rely on. In addition to wandering around for food every day, they must always beware of bad weather, rampant diseases and unexpected accidents. .

The stray kitten who was injured by a car in the heavy rain tried his best to ask for help from humans

It can be said that a If a stray cat can successfully grow from a kitten to an adult cat, it has spent all its luck. Whether it can survive smoothly is unknown.

A kitten dragging its residual leg for help

In early July this year, a heavy rainstorm came unexpectedly in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. People were either anxiously looking for a place to take shelter, or Holding an umbrella and hurried to the destination.

However, no one noticed that a small black figure, wailing helplessly on the side of the road, turned out to be a cat! It's still a little kitten that doesn't look very old.

The cat's whole body has been soaked by the rain. It drags its two remaining legs and crawls on the road very slowly. Whenever someone passes by it, this cat will try its best to get up. Calls for help from humans.

Even though there were people coming and going on this road, most passers-by turned a blind eye to it. Even if someone saw the cat, they only stayed briefly, sighed helplessly, and then turned and left.

The condition of this cat is very bad. Taking it away means investing more time, energy, and even money in the future. This is why many people are reluctant to help even if they see it. reason.

At this time, a little sister came to the cat star. After seeing the little sister, the cat crawled to her feet as if grasping a life-saving straw, meowing incessantly like a pleading, a pair of Her beautiful eyes looked at the young lady pitifully, full of expectation and desire.

Cat: My legs hurt. Can you help me?

Such a look brought together too many emotions for the young lady to refuse. She also knew that she was the cat’s last hope. If she rejected the cat, probably no one would help. It's up. After thinking for a while, the young lady picked up the cat and took it to the pet hospital.

A stray kitten injured by a car in a heavy rainstorm tried his best to seek help from humans

It has experienced too much in 3 months

After the cat was sent to the pet hospital, a detailed examination was performed. It has only been in this world for 3 months. It is severely dehydrated, anemic, and suffering from jaundice. This is not the most serious. The cat's pelvis is broken in four places, his tail is broken in one place, and his left leg is obviously dragged. There are scabs, which means that the cat must have been wandering for a long time after being injured.

During the days when it was wandering, the cat probably asked many people for help, but unfortunately no one was willing to help it until it I met a kind-hearted young lady.

What makes the pet doctor a little puzzled is this cat’s attitude towards humans. Everyone can touch it, and the little guy will take the initiative to act coquettishly with humans. It doesn’t feel like Stray cats are more like pet cats with owners.

The film shows that there is a large amount of excrement in the cat’s belly. It is unclear whether the defecation inability is caused by spinal injury. The cat needs to be allowed to try to be autonomous first. After excretion, all indicators are normal before the operation can be performed.

The lady temporarily took the cat home to take care of her. She was really happy to see the little guy working hard every day to go to the toilet. Heartbroken.

If it turns out that the cat is unable to defecate on its own, even if the operation is successful, it will need someone to help it defecate for the rest of its life.

Unfortunately, in the cat litter, After staying for a long time, the little guy still didn’t pull anything out. The young lady could only take him to the pet hospital and help him to defecate manually with the help of the doctor.

Even after being sedated, the cat still couldn’t pull out anything. It was still meowing in pain. The sound was so heart-wrenching. It didn't have to bear so much. If the cat hadn't been hit by a car, it would still be a lively little kitten. Unfortunately, there was no such thing.

While rescuing the kitten, the pet doctor discovered a cruel fact. There was actually a ham wrapper in the little guy’s belly! Who would chew plastic if they weren’t extremely hungry?

But fate didn't seem to favor this little guy. Before the operation, the cat was diagnosed with feline distemper, a cat disease with a high fatality rate.

Even if it was covered with Despite the pain, the cat still did not give up hope of life. It mustered up the courage to crawl toward humans, and finally met the little sister who changed its destiny. As long as everyone works together, I believe that the cat will be able to defeat the disease and live bravely and strongly. !

The Stray Cat’s Help

The 3-month-old kitten should be carefree, lying in the arms of its owner and acting like a baby, but at such a young age, it is... After going through so much.

This is also the fate of most stray cats. They are not even as lucky as this cat, and it is difficult to find someone who can rescue them.A kind person in dire straits.

I hope everyone can help these stray animals within their ability, because they work really hard to survive!