I met a stray cat on the road, raised it and found out it was a tiger. I kindly returned it but the zoo demanded compensation.

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Everyone should have had the experience of encountering stray cats. These kittens look for food in trash cans, look for water in rainy puddles, and hide when they encounter people coming and going. Some of them like small animals. When people see stray cats, they will adopt them and give them a home.

I met a


Meeting a little stray "cat" on the road

A man named Yu Yang from Jiangsu once saw a poor little animal lying in the grass in the green belt on his way home. It was raining, the road was wet, and the weather was very cold. Very few people passed through this area, and Yu Yang only came here today because the road he usually took was under construction.

He saw what seemed to be a small animal on the lawn, but he couldn't see clearly what it was. When he got closer, he saw that it was a kitten. The kitten was obviously still young, and there was no "mama cat" around. Yu Yang felt relieved and decided to take it home.

Yu Yang is usually very busy at work, but he has always wanted to raise a cat. Since he has no time to take care of it, and he has always rented a house, he has never made up his mind to raise a cat. This time he met someone on the road. A stray cat also gave him a reason to take advantage of this opportunity to raise one.

Yu Yang looked around and saw that there were no cardboard boxes, and he didn’t bring a towel with him, so he took off his coat, wrapped the kitten in his clothes and took it home. The kitten in his arms was shivering, probably because the weather was too cold, so Yu Yang accelerated his pace home.


Adopt a "kitten"

At this time, Yu Yang, who was full of love, never thought that this little guy would bring him... Big trouble coming. Because the cat was still young, Yu Yang couldn't tell what breed it was, but he just thought it looked a bit like a friend's cat. Besides, how could there be a cat in the green belt on the roadside? He didn't even think about the tiger.

He hurriedly rummaged through the boxes and cabinets at home to find something to feed the kitten, and it took him a long time to find a box of pure milk. He took the kitten into the bathroom and gave him a hot bath to warm his body. The kitten may have been too cold, but she didn't resist too much. After cleaning up, Yu Yang lay down tiredly on the sofa, rested for a long time, and began to think about whether his decision was right.

The little kitten also slowly woke up from the warm dream. It looked around and found that it was a strange place. There was no mother and no familiar brothers and sisters. So it started to be a little scared and slowly moved from the mat. Get up and explore your surroundings.It walked around Yu Yang's home, became familiar with everything here, and found that there was nothing that could threaten it.

When he walked to Yu Yang's side, he took a sniff and realized that it was the scent of the person who had just brought him home and warmed him. So it slowly walked to Yu Yang and lay down, immediately felt relaxed and fell asleep.

Yu Yang thought for a long time but had no idea. Since he had brought it back, he should take good care of it. He started looking for a pet shop on the map and wanted to buy some cat food and cat supplies, but it was too late today and the surrounding shops were closed. Yu Yang had to give up his plan, and he could only regret that the kitten was hungry first. .

He had to go to work the next day, so Yu Yang built a simple nest for the kitten to let it rest first. I got up early in the morning, fed the kitten, and hurried to work. Yu Yang was not interested in working in the company. He was worried about whether the kitten would be too hungry at home, whether it would run around, and whether it would be boring. As soon as it was time to get off work, Yu Yang was the first to leave the company to purchase supplies for the kitten.

I met a


Named "Yaya"

When he got home, he found that the little guy had adapted very well and was waiting quietly at home for him to come back. Maybe the kitten knew that Yu Yang had saved its life, so it had no sense of defense against him. It became bolder from being cautious on the first day. When it saw Yu Yang coming home, it barked at him.

Yu Yang burst out laughing when he heard the kitten meowing. The kitten’s meow was as unpleasant as a little duck’s, and it was nothing like the meowing of other kittens. Yu Yang thought, Let’s name this kitten Yaya.

YaYa herself was bored at home, so Yu Yang took out the cat teaser he bought and started to attract YaYa's attention. At first, Yaya didn’t know what it was. She stared at the toy with her big round eyes. The toy kept dangling in front of her. Yaya thought it was fun and reached out to grab it with her paws.

As soon as Yu Yang saw it, he happily continued to tease it. The cat stick was swinging everywhere, and Yaya chased it everywhere. He had a lot of fun. When he caught the cat stick, he would put it in his mouth and bite it. , Yu Yang saw that it liked it, so he played with it for a long time. When Yu Yang went to the pet store, the owner saw that it was his first time raising a cat and recommended him to buy a cat litter box, canned cat food, nutritional ointment and other supplies that the cat needed.

Yu Yang placed the cat litter box next to the wall and thought, does such a small kitten know how to use it? As a result, Yaya really didn’t know because Yu Yang found out about YayaI wet the cushions at home. So he began to persuade Yaya earnestly, picked up Yaya's little body and put it into a basin filled with cat litter, hoping that Yaya would excrete in the basin.

Yaya has almost all the things he needs to live at home, and now it’s time to teach him how to use them. But Yaya was a little tiger, so of course she couldn't understand what the humans were saying, so she jumped out of the basin and ran away. Yu Yang chased and barked, but Yaya didn't listen at all. When it saw someone chasing it, it thought Yu Yang was playing with it, so it ran and hid happily.

Yu Yang was out of breath from exhaustion, so he gave up teaching Yaya how to use the cat litter box and started feeding Yaya delicious food. Under Yu Yang's careful care, Yaya gradually became familiar with this home and began to explore the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Even if outsiders came to the house, Yaya was not afraid.


Everyday happy time

Every day after work, Yu Yang plays with Yaya and gives her some delicious food. The relationship between Yu Yang and Yaya becomes stronger and stronger. As they got closer and closer, Yu Yang felt that this kitten was like a child. Watching it grow up little by little, it would jump on sofas, higher beds, and tables. Every bit of Yaya's life was recorded in Yu Yang. In Yang's heart, his feelings for Yaya are getting deeper and deeper.

I don’t know when Yaya learned to use a cat litter box. What surprised Yu Yang was that Yaya would also use her paws to pick up the sand and bury her own poop. All these behaviors and habits are very cat-like, and Yu Yang has never doubted that Yaya is not a cat.

Slowly, Yaya became more and more attached to Yu Yang. Every time he came home from get off work, Yaya would wait at the door to pick him up. Sometimes she would jump up and climb on Yu Yang’s lap, letting Yu Yang touch her. , and would sleep at Yu Yang’s feet at night.

Yu Yang will take Yaya out when the weather is nice. Everyone who sees Yaya is curious, what kind of cat is Yaya, and why have they never seen it before? Yu Yang was secretly happy that no one knew her. My Yaya must be a very special cat. After all, she looks cute, but the colors on her body look domineering. This is called contrasting cuteness.

It would be great if such happy days could last forever.

I met a


Yaya is a tiger?

As Yaya grew bigger, her body began to become much larger than ordinary cats, and she ate a lot. Yu Yang was not worried, he felt that Yaya would grow faster if she ate, she would be in better health and feel refreshed.

But two months later, Yu Yang discovered that Yaya openedHe didn't like to eat much anymore. The food he put before going to work was always uneaten at night, and Yaya was always lack of energy. Yu Yang didn't know what to do, so he asked his friends who had cats around him what was going on. thing. His friend couldn't tell what was wrong with Yaya, so he suggested that Yu Yang take her to the hospital.

This visit to the animal hospital scared the veterinarian. When the doctor saw him holding a tiger cub to diagnose his condition, the doctor quickly asked him where he picked it up. The doctor said that although tigers and cats are both They are cats, but tigers are larger and need to feed on raw meat. Yaya eats cat food every day at home. Although it can sustain life, it is not nutritious enough and will become weaker and sicker.

Yu Yang never expected that the kitten he had raised for two months turned out to be a tiger cub. Yaya is so good and has not shown any aggressive behavior at all. He has lived with Yaya for two months and has not seen any abnormal behavior from Yaya. Hearing this fact, Yu Yang was shocked but also somewhat expected. No wonder Yaya eats so much, no wonder so many people have never seen this breed of kitten. It turns out that it is a tiger, so this makes sense.

But, how come there are tigers in this city? Will wild tigers appear on the lawns of green belts? The most likely one is the zoo. So the veterinary students at the pet hospital helped Yu Yang find a nearby zoo to see if they had lost the tiger cub.


Little tigers training for performance in the zoo

It turns out that in 2009, there were many animal performances in the zoo. In order to attract more tourists, Start training various wild animals and let them learn to perform for tourists. With the animal performances, more and more tourists come here, which also brings a lot of revenue to their zoo.

So their zoo focused on more ferocious tigers. If they could tame the tiger, the king of beasts, it would definitely attract more people to come and watch. If such a ferocious beast can be tamed, then their zoo must be the first zoo in the country that can perform tiger performances, and it will definitely become famous.

Adult tigers cannot be trained, so start training with tiger cubs. Tiger cubs are not a big threat to people, and they will be easier to accept when exposed to them from an early age. So, the zoo bought tiger cubs from other places and planned to train them into "actors". These little tigers are exposed to various props every day, including ladders, prop bridges, and big balls. The tigers are also taught to roll, salute, etc.

Only after completing the actions prescribed by the breeder, these little tigers can stop working, rest, eat meat, and do what they want to do. A little tiger might not be able to accept this kind of training every day, so when the keeper went out, it slipped out behind him without being discovered.

The people at the zoo were very anxious. They searched all over the zoo for the tiger but could not find it. They were also afraid that the little tiger would appear in the city. Although it is not aggressive now, if it appears in a crowded place, What should we do if there is an accidental attack on humans in this place?

This little tiger "crosses the mountains and ridges"It walked all the way to the grass in the green belt very close to the roadside. It didn't know where it was going. It happened to be raining and it was hungry. Tired, hungry and cold, it lay down on the grass and fell asleep. It happened to be Yu Yang saw it when he passed by.


Returning the Little Tiger

Yu Yang also knew that since Yaya was a tiger, he had to send Yaya away. The country also does not allow individual breeding, and when Yaya grows bigger and bigger, keeping him in captivity at home is also a kind of suppression for his nature. So Yaya was sent back to the zoo by him, but the people at the zoo believed that Yu Yang was responsible and wanted to compensate them for their losses.

The people at the zoo believed that the little tiger had grown up and missed the best training period. The little tiger could no longer participate in animal performances in the zoo, so they proposed a huge compensation to Yu Yang. Ask him to make up for the zoo's losses.

Yu Yang couldn't accept it. He met Yaya by accident. He didn't know that Yaya was a tiger at the time. He kindly adopted her and took care of her for two months, even though he was willing. But instead of expressing gratitude to him, the zoo asked him to pay compensation, which Yu Yang couldn't accept.

And training animals to perform for the audience, isn’t this animal cruelty? So the two sides started making trouble. When the staff of the animal protection center came to make adjustments, they saw how happy, excited and intimate the little tiger was when seeing Yu Yang. The staff also understood in their hearts that the animal performance was for the little tiger. Yu Yang did nothing wrong in the tiger's abuse.

In the end, the animal protection center took the little tiger away and found it in another zoo without animal performances, so it no longer needed to be trained for animal performances. Yu Yang also goes to the zoo to visit his "Yaya" every weekend.