I spent 20,000 to transplant a fish skin on my cat. Is it worth it?

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Just yesterday, a video hit the Douyin hot search: a stray cat was skinned, and a woman spent 20,000 yuan to replenish the fish skin to save it.

The moment he saw the video, Mr. Mengzhao was stunned!

The skin on this cat’s hind legs and back was peeled off alive, and even its toes were smashed!

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Chuba Mama said that she saw the news about Chuba in a rescue group. When I arrived, I found that the entire skin on its back had been skinned off alive. Based on the analysis of the wound, it was probably a blunt knife!

I spent 20,000 to transplant a fish skin on my cat. Is it worth it?

Time after time, layer by layer Torture slowly! What a bastard!

With no time to feel sad and condemned, Chuba Mama immediately took Chuba to the hospital.

Faced with the doctors shaking their heads frequently, she went to one house after another. After many twists and turns, a doctor finally suggested that she could be treated with fish skin.

Here, Mengzhaojun will give you some popular science. The so-called [fish skin covering treatment] refers to covering the wound (especially a large area) with tilapia skin, which temporarily replaces the original skin for protection.

The new skin will naturally fall off when it grows back, and eventually the surrounding good skin will be needed to close the wound.

This technology was originally used on humans, but has now been registered and approved by the Brazilian National Health Supervision Agency (ANVISA), becoming the first animal skin in Brazil that can be used to treat burns.

I spent 20,000 to transplant a fish skin on my cat. Is it worth it?

Cover the tilapia skin on the It can have a good moisturizing effect on the wound surface.

Because exposed skin is likely to cause infection after drying, fish skin coverage plays an anti-infection role from the side.

A case of using tilapia skin to treat human burns

Tilapia skin also contains large amounts of type 1 and type 3 collagen. Type 1 and type 3 collagen are widely distributed in human skin and blood vessels, and are closely related to the skin damage repair process and repair quality.

In addition, tilapia skin is alsoIt can very well promote the adhesion of skin cells and drive the proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes in the dermal layer of the skin.

The state of fish skin when it is absorbed

I spent 20,000 to transplant a fish skin on my cat. Is it worth it?

With the advancement and development of medicine, [fish skin covering treatment] is also gradually used on animals.

Last year, @ Shanghai Adoption Home rescued a stray cat with large lacerations on its lower body, exposed skin, and blood on all four legs.

After 4 fish skin covering treatments, the skin recovered ideally and the wound gradually healed.

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However, little Chuba does not seem to be so lucky...

Although Chuba is numb A high fee of more than 20,000 yuan has been paid. Although Xiao Chuba has undergone two excruciating fish skin surgeries, the treatment failed and everything is back to square one.

(Caution with pictures)

Looking at the strong appearance of little Chuba and the horrific wounds, Mr. Mengzhao felt really distressed.

It was abused to the point of dying, enduring severe pain and undergoing surgeries again and again. It just wanted to live well!

Is it wrong to live?

In the recently updated video, Chuba Mama wrote: "The popularity and attention will decrease, but love will not. I will always love you, my little Chuba."

I think this is what every rescuer wants to say to the cats they have rescued: Don’t give up, I love you, and there are many people who love you.

Currently, due to the previous two fish skin covering surgeries, Chuba’s wound has become obviously suppurative, and anti-infective treatment is being actively carried out.

But fortunately, the little guy is in good mental condition, can eat and drink, and is emotionally stable.

Those who are concerned about the progress of little Chuba’s condition can follow Chuba Mama’s Douyin account @chubamama to learn about the little guy’s condition at any time.

I also hope that everyone can lend a helping hand, let more people know about Little Chuba, and help Little Chuba overcome the difficulties together, and live a healthy and happy life with Mom who loves him !