In order for the kittens to survive, the stray cat mother took the initiative to give the kittens to humans and left quietly

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If I say, "A mother gives her child to others to raise," you will definitely think that this mother is very irresponsible.
But what if this mother is not a human, but a stray cat? What would you think?

Tiger poison cannot eat its children. I believe that no mother is willing to give her child to others. They all have their own difficulties.

After a homeless cat mother gave birth to kittens with an uncertain future, she did not want her kittens to follow her own path, so she chose to give them to the humans who had fed her one by one. It’s really touching and sad...

In order for the kitten to survive, the stray cat mother takes the initiative to give the kitten to humans and leaves quietly by herself

The girl prepared the "delivery room" for the stray cat mother, but the cat mother disappeared

The first time the girl met the "cat mother" At that time, it was still a kitten, solitary and somewhat arrogant. Under the girl's food attack again and again, this aloof kitten was finally captured. Because the girl's house lived on the first floor, the cat would visit the girl's house whenever there was nothing wrong.

A few months ago, the girl noticed that her belly was getting bigger and her nipples were protruding, so she guessed that she was pregnant.

Worried that the cat would be in danger if she gave birth outside, the girl quickly prepared a "delivery room" for the cat. Although it was simple, it was at least safe.

The girl took the mother cat home, hoping that she would be able to give birth in peace. But the cat mother secretly jumped out of the window (on the first floor) and escaped when the girl wasn't paying attention.

After that, the cat seemed to have disappeared from the world and disappeared. The girl searched nearby for a long time but could not find it. She could only pray that the kitten would be born safely.

Mother Cat is back! He took the baby to the girl's house and disappeared again

More than a month later, the girl came home from get off work and was surprised to find that the mother cat was back! There were three kittens following behind it. After seeing the girl, the mother cat approached the girl affectionately, as if to express her longing for the girl.

The girl was also very happy and fed the mother cat and the kittens a lot of delicious food. She didn't think about where the mother cat had been this month, but as long as they were safe, that would be fine.

In order for the kittens to survive, the stray cat mother took the initiative to give her kittens to humans and left quietly< /p>

One day, when the girl opened the door for ventilation, the mother cat came in with a kitten in her mouth. She placed the kitten in the corner behind the table. She repeated this action three times.

Then, like a gust of wind, the mother cat rushed to the door without looking back and left quietly.

The girl had a black line on her head. What was the mother cat doing? Why did she leave the kitten? He took it into his own house, but then quickly and immediately?

The girl found the stray cat mother: Don’t worry, your child will not be a stray again!

The girl thought about it for a long time. Realizing that the mother cat was asking her to take care of the kitten, she was worried that she would regret it, so she quickly took the kitten in and ran away without looking back.

For stray cats, there are It is enough to have food to eat, clean water to drink, a stable nest, no need to be exposed to heat or cold, and an owner who can protect you!

Mother Cat has tasted all the warmth and coldness in the world. It doesn’t want the children to wander around like it does and be looked down upon by others, and the girl is the best person for it in the world. Out of trust, the mother cat gave her three most precious children to herself. < /p>

The girl locked the door and went to find the mother cat. Sure enough, the cat was worried about her child and did not go far. The girl took it home, but she didn’t expect the mother cat to bring the child in front of the girl again!

Mother Cat: Please, please, these three kittens are all yours, don’t let them suffer with me!

Seeing this scene, the girl’s heart trembled inexplicably After a moment, I felt sour in my heart. Mother cat can really do anything for her children!

Girl: Don’t worry! Your children will no longer be strays, and I will find them a forever home. ! The girl murmured to the mother cat, not sure if it could understand it.

The girl posted the video of the mother cat and the kittens on the Internet to find owners for the kittens. Within a week, the three little guys had new homes.

The girl waited for the mother cat to recover and then took it for sterilization. As for whether the mother cat wanted to stay at home or continue to wander. , let it choose for itself!

Love is not about possessing, it is about giving up! I never thought that I would see the power of maternal love in a stray cat. In order to let my children live a life without worries, In life, a mother cat will bear the pain and abandon her child. This kind of emotion without any interests makes people moved. Maternal love really transcends species and transcends everything!