King Bill, the world’s largest Tibetan mastiff, is worth 30 million, which is more than a lion

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The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog with a ferocious personality. Its coat color is mostly iron-coated gold, yellow, and black. It is native to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It has a strong, noble and proud temperament, is characterized by very strong strength and agility, and has a poor memory. The Tibetan Mastiff is very valuable in breeding, mainly because it is highly alert, has a strong sense of territory, is extremely loyal to its owner, is strongly hostile to strangers in its territory, and is good at protecting its owner and its belongings.

The world's largest Tibetan Mastiff King - Bill, worth 30 million is higher than a lion

In history, China Emperors also raised this breed of dogs, including Emperor Xuande from 1398 to 1435. However, there are people who love mastiffs not only in China, but also in every corner of the world. Tibetan Mastiffs have been hailed as the world's oriental divine dogs.

Introduction to Bill, the largest Tibetan Mastiff in the world

Bill is a giant mastiff and is considered to be the largest Tibetan Mastiff in the world. Its weight reaches 230 kilograms, its shoulder height is 83 centimeters, and its fur is 40 centimeters long. In 2007, Bill was recognized as a national A-level Tibetan Mastiff at the 3rd China Tibetan Mastiff Exhibition, and was called "China's No. 1 Giant Mastiff" by the mastiff community.

Bill is regarded as the guard dog and protector of Tibetans, and is known as the "Tengu" in Tibet. Bill's front page is beautiful, with rich coat, thick limbs, a tiger's face and a lion's head, a tiger's back and a bear's waist. He is extremely powerful and majestic, exuding the aura of dominion over the world, and has a strong visual impact. Bill was raised by Mr. Liu, the owner of Qingdao Haiyuan Mastiff Park. At that time, he was worth as much as 30 million yuan and was known as "China's No. 1 Giant Mastiff."

Bill is definitely the “good-looking” member of the Tibetan Mastiff family. Its head is broad, its bones are thick, and its entire body exudes an unrivaled aura. Bill's chest is broad, his waist is covered with hair, his limbs are thick and powerful, and his whole body is as majestic as a lion.

The world's largest Tibetan Mastiff King - Bill, worth 30 million is higher than a lion

The value and significance of Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff has a very high reputation in the current marketIts value is mainly because its number is very rare and its breed is pure. At the same time, it can be used as an excellent police dog and pet dog, and is loved by more people.

The Tibetan Mastiff not only has rich cultural and historical connotations, but also carries a certain symbolic meaning in today's society. As a pet dog, the Tibetan Mastiff has a very strong sense of territory and loyalty. It can protect the owner's property and alert the owner of the surrounding environment. It is a "magic dog" with family security.

At the same time, Tibetan Mastiff is also regarded as a rare cultural heritage with extremely high collection and protection value.

The inheritance and development of Tibetan Mastiff

As a unique dog breed in my country, Tibetan Mastiff has attracted attention and love from all corners of the world. However, we also need to do a good job in the inheritance and development of Tibetan Mastiffs so that these excellent and magical "Oriental Divine Dogs" can continue to be loved and cherished by people in the future.