The cattery ran out of food, and Garfield, who had been hungry for two days, was almost thrown away. He was starved after being adopted

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With the rise of the pet economy, more and more people are starting to keep pets. Of course, for people today, raising pets does not require a certain function of them. More often, people raise them just in the hope that they can bring them enough companionship and corresponding support in the process of raising them. of happiness. Because of this, even though raising pets is becoming more and more cumbersome and the cost of raising pets is getting higher and higher, there are still many people who like to raise them, and with more and more information about pets on the Internet, , the number of people raising them is also growing at an extremely fast rate.

However, keeping pets is not a worry-free thing after all, especially now, as civilized pet keeping becomes law, how to prevent pets from hurting people or disturbing people has become a problem for many officials. A rather troublesome problem. At the same time, because raising dogs often requires walking, there are also potential safety hazards, especially for neighbors. Whether you take these dogs out or raise them at home, they may be exposed to poop shoveling. The officials failed to restrain them in time, causing certain harm to the people around them. Therefore, as more and more people discover the problems that raising dogs may cause and the restrictions on various dogs in the city become more and more After a while, many people turned their attention to cats.

The cattery ran out of food, and Garfield, who had been hungry for two days, was almost thrown away, and was starved after being adopted

Cats also stand out among many pets due to their relatively wide distribution, diverse types, love of cleanliness, non-noisy character, cute appearance and not easily hurting people. , surpassed dogs in one fell swoop last year and became the most popular pet kept by people today. Moreover, as the number of people raising cats increases, more and more cat owners discover the advantages of raising cats, and they fall in love with them and continue to recommend them to the people around them, which directly leads to a growing number of cats. Cat breeds that were once valuable have now become common pets in more and more people’s homes.

Of course, the pet economy also brings more than just personal companionship. After many merchants discovered that raising some pets reasonably can greatly promote the business of their stores, many people began to keep cats in their stores. Therefore, corresponding pet-themed restaurants or cat houses, cat cafes, etc. Relevant surrounding economies are also constantly being explored. However, in the face of the benefits that pets may bring, people still need to be more cautious when operating pet peripheral industries, because while pets bring customer traffic and gimmicks, they will alsoIt has brought considerable controversy and financial and personnel burdens...

The cattery ran out of food, and Garfield, who had been hungry for two days, was thrown away, and he was starved after being adopted

There is a kind-hearted guy in Jiangsu who often rescues stray animals. Because the brother and his companions often help some stray cats in the local area, over time, some When people encounter stray cats in need of help, they will also take the initiative to contact the little brother. On this day, this young man received a message asking for help from a kind-hearted local netizen. Netizens told me that there was a couple there who were planning to open a cat cafe, so the couple brought back 5 pet cats to raise. However, what I didn't expect was that the other party's cat cafe failed to open in the end, and the five Pet cats became a problem.

According to the requester, the couple was his friends. The husband of the previous couple originally planned to open a cat cafe, so they raised 5 pet cats. However, for unknown reasons, the other couple gave up. Got this plan. However, after the cat cafe was not opened, the husband was not willing to take care of these 5 cats, so the responsibility of taking care of the cats fell into the hands of the wife. However, because taking care of these cats was too troublesome, the wife also had opinions later, so several Every time they clamored to throw away these cats.

After learning about this situation, the requesting family also tried to persuade the couple, and even went over to help take care of the cats. During this period, after they found a blue cat sick, they took it Adopt away. Fortunately, the blue cat has recovered after being cared for by people seeking help. At the same time, with the help of friends, they also helped the couple adopt several other cats one after another. However, the remaining two Garfield cats remained in the couple's home because they were difficult to adopt.

However, because they were unwilling to take care of the two Garfield cats, the cats had been without food for two days, and the other party had always expressed that they wanted to throw them away. The person asking for help knew that once pet cats like Garfield were abandoned, only death awaited them, so he persuaded his friends while helping to find a rescue team willing to adopt the cat. In this way, the person asking for help was contacted. The little brother and the others. After learning about the cats' condition, the little brother immediately expressed his willingness to take them in.

The cattery ran out of food, and Garfield, who had been hungry for two days, was almost thrown away, and was starved after being adopted

Fortunately, subsequent rescue The process was relatively smooth. With the help of the helper, the little brother and his companion successfully arrived at each other's home. Although the cat was a little weak at this time, it was at least still there, and its health was not in serious condition, so , after confirming the situation with the other party, the brother was ready to take the two cats back to their stray animal rescue base. Before taking the cat away, the person asking for help also told the little brother that the older of the two Garfield cats had been bred several times before, and he had been hungry for two days and might be in poorer health. Therefore, The person asking for help also hopes that the brother will take more care of them after taking them away.

After repeated assurances from the caller, the boy and his companions successfully brought the two cats back to their stray animal rescue base. After taking them back to the stray animal rescue base, considering that they had not eaten food for a long time, the boy then fed them some cat food. When these cats saw the cat food that the little brother and the others fed them, they immediately started to devour it, and their eating appearance was not as elegant as that of other pet cats. In order to fill their stomachs as quickly as possible, even two cats They even started fighting with each other...

Watching the cat gobbling up the food, I felt both funny and very distressed. After that, I also hope that through the experiences of these two cats, I can remind friends who want to engage in the pet-related economy that although it looks good to use pets to improve operations, the operation process is not as beautiful as people imagine. , therefore, before implementing the plan, you still need to consider some possible troubles. Otherwise, once you are unable to operate, the cats and dogs may pay the price with their lives...