The cute little black dog from Shandong was abandoned, maybe because it had white claws

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No one may be able to give an accurate figure for how long dogs have been accompanying humans. However, it is undeniable that dogs have been accompanying humans for a very long time since they were domesticated from wolves. Moreover, in these long years, many dogs have indeed helped many people. Therefore, over a very long period of time, dogs have also established the image of human beings' most loyal partners in the minds of many people. Even today, for many people, raising dogs is not a very necessary thing, but there are still many people who like them and are willing to keep them.

Shandong: The cute little black dog was abandoned, maybe it's related to the white paws

There is a little black dog in front of my house The little black dog was abandoned

However, with the development of the times and the improvement of science and technology, although there are still many guide dogs, companion dogs, search and rescue dogs, shepherd dogs, etc. Function-based working dogs that can serve humans. But for most ordinary people, the purpose of raising them is actually to hope that they can accompany them. Therefore, when choosing them, more people are also willing to choose some dog breeds that are cuter in appearance and less or less aggressive. As a result, pet dogs of various varieties have gradually replaced the status of guard dogs and become the first choice of more and more people today.

The little black dog carefully observed the surrounding situation

And those guard dogs gradually became unable to be shown off to most people because of their less lovable appearance. Capital, and at the same time, because they have a certain degree of aggression and do not meet people's definition of pets today. Therefore, even if it appears less and less in people's field of vision now, it is still difficult to attract people's attention. Many people even firmly believe that perhaps for today's people, the best destination for these guard dogs that have been silently guarding their owners' property is to become a dish on some people's dining tables...

The little black dog looked at the little brother carefully

And because they have difficulty competing with more and more dog breeds, they are regarded by more and more people as cheap and not Dogs worth caring about. Therefore, even in some places, some people do not mind their breed and bloodline and want to raise a guard dog to watch the house. When selecting them, they will also set various thresholds. Moreover, many times, some of them, which have no fault in themselves, will be abandoned by people as a matter of course for some unbelievable reasons.Justifiable reason...

The front paws of the little black dog are white

There is a kind-hearted man in Shandong who often rescues stray animals. However, in order to make a living, this young man still needs to open a shop to earn some living expenses. Therefore, this young man does not often go out to rescue stray animals. However, this does not affect the little brother in taking in some stray animals. Especially when the number of stray animals taken in by the little brother increases, as the little brother’s popularity increases, whether it is in front of the little brother’s shop or At the place where I live or at the door of my stray animal rescue base, there will always be people who abandon them for various reasons...

Little black dogs are searching for food all around

On this day, when this little brother finished his work and returned to his place of residence, he saw a puppy abandoned at the door of their house as soon as he arrived. Although I have experienced this situation countless times, when I saw the puppy lying helplessly on the ground and silently watching the passers-by, I still couldn't help but complain. Because, as more and more people keep dogs today, more and more people hope to get a share of the pet market. However, many people often do not consider too many factors before breeding them. , and never think about what they will do with the newborn puppies if they cannot be successfully sold or given away...

Shandong: The cute little black dog was abandoned, maybe because it has white paws

The little black dog squatted in front of the little brother and looked at the little brother carefully

Therefore, as people breed pets More and more, I am receiving all kinds of abandoned puppies more and more frequently. As for the puppy that day, if nothing unexpected happened, there was a high probability that it would be abandoned at the door of his residence for similar reasons. However, for this situation, I have no more ways to improve it. For me, the only thing I can do is to take them in as much as possible, give them a place to shelter from wind and rain, and provide them with some food. Food, and then try to help them find an owner who is willing to take it in...

The little brother took this little black dog to his stray animal rescue base

Fortunately, Later, when I got close to the puppy, I found that the puppy was in relatively good condition. The puppy also showed great trust in the little brother who was close to it. It not only took the initiative to approach the little brother, but also shook his head. He was holding his tail and trying hard to please his little brother. So, after checking the dog's condition, the little brother took in the puppy. at the same time, in order to help it find an owner who is willing to take it in as soon as possible and give it a better living environment, the little brother then posted the dog's situation online.

The little black dog wolfed down the dog food given to it by the little brother

After seeing the condition of this dog, netizens also made many comments. Netizens also expressed their willingness to take in this cute puppy. At the same time, many netizens also have many speculations about the reason why this dog was abandoned. Among them, after discovering that the puppy’s paws were white, some netizens speculated that it was probably because its paws were white. This led to it being abandoned because, in some places, black dogs with white paws are often regarded as ominous. Of course, all this is just speculation among netizens. I have no way of verifying why this puppy was abandoned...