A girl picked up a hairless pig. After feeding it for a few months, she felt something was wrong. It couldn’t be a pig.

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In people's current image, using pig to describe a person is basically equated with negative comments such as stupid, fat, and delicious. In fact, in ancient times, the pig was originally a ferocious beast and a symbol of strength and agility. The "Shen Yi Jing" once recorded that some people wore pig-like things on their heads in the hope of gaining protection and strength.

The history of pig raising in China can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. Wild boars were domesticated into domestic pigs, and their status began to decline, becoming one of the most important assets in people's lives. Although pigs are no longer considered divine, they still have spiritual qualities. For example, among the objects unearthed from the Shang Dynasty, it was found that merchants used pig shoulder blades for divination.

With the passage of domestication time, the ferocious and agile characteristics of wild boars gradually disappeared, and they became short legs, protruding mouths, big belly, and fat bodies. They ate and slept all day long. He has a bit of the style of his ancestor, the wild boar.

The girl picked up a

By the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, pigs could be bred on a large scale, and raising pigs became a way to get rich quickly. In "Journey to the West", Zhu Bajie, the canopy marshal who is lazy, lustful and afraid of death, always wants to divide the luggage and returns to Gao Laozhuang to find Miss Gao, is an image of half man and half pig. "Things that are rare are valuable, and things that are plentiful are cheap." Pigs raised in captivity have lost their divinity, and pork has become food on the tables of ordinary people.


In today's society with a wide variety of pet industry members, there are also specially bred mini pigs that are used in the medical field or are kept as pets. However, you need to be careful when raising "pig". Just like this foreign girl picked up a "hairless pig" and after feeding it for a few months, she felt something was wrong and cried: This can't be a pig at all!

This foreign woman also likes mountain climbing adventures. By chance, the woman picked up a small, pink "hairless pig" in the wild. This kind of pig has never been seen before. Its mouth is much longer than that of ordinary pigs. Maybe it is a rare breed. It should fetch a good price when it's bigger.

So the woman took it home and raised it. A few months later, as the "hairless pig" slowly grew up, the woman realized something was wrong. This "hairless pig" has no pig habits on weekdays. It is neither vegetarian nor meat-eating. The longer it looks, the uglier it becomes. Its claws are much sharper than those of ordinary wild boars. Just four different things.

The woman felt very scared and had doubts about it, so she had no choice but to kill the "hairless pig"Take it to a friend. My friend was a little confused when he saw it. With such long ears, he might be a wild boar. So they quickly sent the "hairless pig" to the relevant local agencies, and after consulting animal experts, they found out that this guy was not a rare breed of pig at all, but a tube tooth called an "aardvark".

The girl picked up a


The aardvark mainly lives in central and southern Africa. It is also called the African anteater and the "native pig" in African languages. Adult aardvarks are somewhat aggressive. Although it also has the word "pig", its appearance and living habits are very different from pigs.

The aardvark is the only existing species of the order Tubulodontida. Judging from the appearance, the front part of the mouth is tubular, and the whole body is reddish brown. It is quite fat and can grow to more than one meter in maximum size.

Due to its strange appearance, it is also called "the most terrifying creature in the world" by some people. However, aardvarks do have some characteristics of pigs, so they are called "dolphins".

The main food of the aardvark is termites. Its tongue can reach more than 30 centimeters and contains very strong mucus. It can reach into the ant nest and lick the ants. Its claws are also very powerful, so it is nicknamed "Digging Tiger".


Generally speaking, aardvarks live alone and inhabit hilly and semi-steppe areas. They usually rest during the day and look for food at night. Aardvarks appear to be extremely strong, but they are timid and will immediately hide in their holes when in danger.

Because of poor memory, I often cannot find where my nest is when I go out, so I have to abandon the old nest and make a new one.

What this woman picked up in the wild was an aardvark. Young aardvarks are indeed very similar to piglets, but they usually have sparse hair. For some reason, this aardvark is hairless. . As for digging the soil in the yard, it is also due to its living habits.

At this moment, the woman finally breathed a sigh of relief. After expert advice, the woman decided to send the aardvark to the zoo, thus finding a home for it.