A sudden appearance of the Mountain God in Guangzhou will protect the cats who are threatened by the cat gang.

Pet News

Do you still remember Mr. Mengzhao imploring everyone to spread the news for the Baiyun Lynx cats at the end of March?

After the article was published, Pawpaw received countless private messages. Everyone was as worried and anxious about these innocent creatures as we were.

What is gratifying is that with the joint efforts of many parties, the cats in Baiyun Mountain are still well!

The one who brought us this news was Uncle Cat, the "patron saint" of the Baiyun Mountain cats.

There are countless cats in the huge mountains, and they all recognize a common "master", and that is him.

In order to feed the cats, the 73-year-old man walked up and down the more than ten kilometers of mountain roads with heavy loads for 30 years, 365 days a year, without missing a day.

When it comes to the fate between Uncle Cat and cats, we have to start talking about it thirty years ago.

When he first arrived in Baiyun Mountain, he was surprised to see cats often in the mountains. He felt that they were like elves in the mountains and forests, free and pure.

But after several encounters, he gradually discovered the dilemma behind the "coolness" of these elves.

In the winter of 1993, Uncle Cat went up the mountain for morning exercise as usual, but was blocked by a kitten.

It was skinny and skinny, so dirty that no fur could be seen, and its weak little body could not even stand, like grass trembling in the wind.

"It stood there looking at me, its mouth wide open, but its scream was very weak. When it screamed, its body trembled."

He hurriedly removed the dying baby The cat was taken down the mountain for treatment, but all the efforts and methods could not make it survive the not-so-cold winter.

Since then, every time he passed the place where he met the kitten, his heart felt like a weight was weighing down on him, making him feel uncomfortably heavy.

Soon, he met another stray cat, which seemed to have the shadow of a kitten - the same sensitive, dejected, and uncertain future.

He will never forget the look of the kitten asking him for help.

It is not their choice to become "mountain elves". If they can have a roof to protect them from the wind and rain, who would want to be forced to wander around in hunger?

Since then, he has been going up the mountain to feed the cats every day. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, every stone has witnessed the old man's 30 years of persistence.

"They are already in a miserable state. They are exposed to the sun and rain, especially on rainy days. I don't know where they can hide."

He has seen too manySome cruel people torture cats, some poison them, and some even set traps to catch cats!

To this end, he set up 11 group protection points in the mountains, all of which are deep in dense forests and can only be entered and exited by dirt roads. Since it is impossible to protect all cats at all times, he uses this most "stupid" method to let them go. The cats avoid danger...

The heavy schoolbag and Uncle Cat climbing up the steep path step by step are the cats' hope for survival.

One time before going out, Uncle Cat suffered from high blood pressure, but looking at the cat food prepared in his bag and thinking about the hungry children waiting on the mountain, he still managed to go out.

He fell four times that day and his face was swollen when he got home.

He said, "As long as I can still walk, I can go up the mountain to feed the cats anytime."

However, this was not the most thrilling time.

One day, Uncle Cat went up the mountain to feed the cat early in the morning, but he did not arrive home until about three o'clock in the afternoon.

Uncle Cat’s wife, Sister E, was so anxious that she was running around the house. She still needed help from others to go downstairs, so she dragged her inconvenient legs and staggered out to look for her all the way.

When I found Uncle Cat, he was sitting hunched over the edge of the flower bed, with a large puddle of vomit at his feet.

It turned out that Uncle Cat accidentally slipped and fell on the mountain and couldn't stand up. Fortunately, someone passed by and helped him get down the mountain.

Sister E was so frightened that she hugged Uncle Cat and cried loudly on the street, ignoring the curious eyes of passers-by.

I met a kind person this time. What if I don’t have such luck in the future? She was really worried and told Uncle Cat not to risk going up the mountain to feed the cat again.

Unexpectedly, this man who usually obeyed her in everything would not let go this time. He went up the mountain carrying a bag full of cat rations as usual the next day.

"He is willing to risk his life to protect those cats. I can't control him anymore. As long as he is good and the cats are good, then I will be happier than anything else."

She doesn't No matter how hard I try, I help prepare cat food and rice for Uncle Cat to take up the mountain every day, and support Uncle Cat with companionship and love.

Thirty years of persistence have made all the cats in Baiyun Mountain know Uncle Cat.

“All things have animism” is never an empty phrase. They will keep Uncle Cat’s goodness in their hearts and express their gratitude in their own way.

Over the years, Uncle Cat couldn’t remember how many cats he had rescued, nor how many fur babies he had buried that died accidentally. He had experienced the same thing again and again.

When a person takes on the responsibility of hundreds of lives, a strong sense of crisis always exists.

Uncle Cat knows that rescue is never an easy path.

He has encountered numerous difficulties, and the life that he used to rely on his pension to live without worries about food and clothing has become stretched.

But he still persisted. He sterilized the cats at his own expense, took the fur babies home for treatment, and even rented a house to house them.

But the real problems are still before him. The most prominent one is the expenses of the furry children: five kilograms of saltwater fish a day, more than ten yuan of chicken livers, thousands of kilograms of cat food every month, several One hundred catties of rice...

Such an expense is naturally not small, but Uncle Cat is not willing to "skip" at all.

“If the money is gone, we can spend less. If the pet food is gone, we may lose a life forever. I only know that if we don’t feed them, these elves wandering in Baiyun Mountain will disappear. ."

But now, even though he tried his best to reduce his low living expenses, he still cannot support the food and medical expenses of the furry children. The cats are facing a crisis of food shortage...

For Uncle Cat, his efforts have reached the limit, and no one is willing to ask for help unless he is forced to do so.

Recently, the risk of cat abuse gangs has not been completely eliminated. The local volunteer team patrols every day, and the uncle also guards the cats on the mountain every day.

Similarly, when faced with cats that are forced to wander in the mountains and forests, some people torture them with the hands of demons, while others save them with benevolent hearts and make judgments.