Panda breeders are being bullied online. Media fans are advised to stay away from the national treasure.

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Recently, the "panda world" has not been peaceful, and the incident of "Nuan Nuan being beaten" has made a big fuss: the breeder used a bamboo pole to slap Nuan Nuan to urge Nuan Nuan to "get off work". Is it appropriate? Is it reasonable for a breeder to be permanently banned? Netizens were quarreling around these issues, and became quite angry during the process. Some people even went to the internet to bully the breeders. Even if the zoo involved came out to explain that "this is not even enough to scratch the giant panda's itch," it failed to calm the public opinion storm.

Giant pandas are cute and naive and are loved by Chinese people. In addition, the popularity of live broadcasts and short videos in recent years has also contributed to the popularity of many giant panda fans. Online, more and more people are watching the daily life of giant pandas and caring about the health of giant pandas; offline, the popularity of many zoos has skyrocketed, and it is common to get up early and queue up to see pandas. However, this public opinion storm has also exposed the irrational characteristics of some netizens such as their polarized emotions, attacks and abuses, and made people see the hidden worries of the sick fandom culture invading the "Panda World".

Speaking of which, there are already signs of the “panda world” becoming a fandom. Like all celebrities, many pandas also have their own "station sisters" and "super talkers", and many fans cheer for them every day and never tire of it. Soon, the pathological culture of abusing each other, spreading rumors to stir up trouble, inciting confrontation, and fighting against different parties was also projected onto the giant panda. For example, fans will quarrel over which panda is treated better. Some pandas will be accused of being the keeper's "son", while others will be inexplicably accused of being a "scheming bitch".

Human comparisons, suspicions and jealousies have ignited wars. Faced with such a public opinion field, the zoo is under increasing pressure and has become more cautious in its actions. After this incident, the majority of breeders are afraid to be more cautious. After all, if you are not careful, you may lose your job or be raped online. This is obviously not a good thing for giant panda conservation.

It is undeniable that the majority of fans who truly love and care about pandas have some doubts., various zoos, breeding bases, etc. may wish to respond more actively from a professional perspective and conduct more timely and friendly exchanges and communication with netizens to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. In addition, everyone loves giant pandas, but they must be rational. First of all, don’t be too conceited. Although giant pandas are very cute, they are also very tough. It is common for them to get into water and trees, fall and bump into each other. They are startled every day, so they really don’t treat people as "iron-eating beasts". ? Just as netizens said, the giant panda is a national treasure, but it is not a "mother's baby". Nothing is too much, only scientific care can help them grow healthily. Second, whether it is a zoo or a breeder, they are teammates rather than enemies who care about giant pandas. They can supervise reasonably, but do not always harbor a hostile mentality, contradict official popular science, and put yourself on the opposite side of the profession.

Looking at a larger scope, the spreading ability of sick fandom culture cannot be underestimated. From the sports circle to the "panda world", these are all examples. This also reminds relevant parties to remain vigilant against the chaos in the rice circle where the soup is changed but the medicine is not changed, and continuous governance actions are carried out. Why this extremely destructive trend is so rampant deserves more in-depth reflection.