Two peasant women saw a strange animal hanging on a tree, which looked like a cat. The uncle immediately called the police after seeing it.

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"It's coming down, it's coming down, it's falling...!"

"Bang..." With a loud noise, a black thing fell from the tree, smashing When they arrived at the thick straw that had been laid on the ground, the rescuers on standby saw the situation and quickly covered the large net they had prepared over the mass of things.

After a few minutes, the little thing in the net bag began to struggle hard, obviously trying to break free from the big net covering it. The people present who saw this scene breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Two peasant women saw a strange animal hanging on a tree, like a cat. The uncle saw it and immediately called the police.

After a while, the net was torn, and a pair of sharp claws emerged from the net. They kept struggling and waving. When the rescuers saw this, three or five people gathered around and held down the restless little guy. The little guy didn't show any weakness. , waving its sharp claws constantly, actually scratched the rescuers' boots.

It turned out that the little guy trapped in the net bag was a little bear that had just been rescued from the tree. It was this naughty little bear that caused this originally peaceful little village to collapse at minus 15 degrees Celsius. In the dark night, I experienced an uneventful four hours.

The story begins with two peasant women.

Curious! An uninvited guest came to the tree

At 4 pm on October 27, 2009, in Zhulian Village, Zhulian Town, Tangyuan County, Heilongjiang Province, 56-year-old Uncle Zhang was wandering in the village as usual. At this time, two people An aunt from the same village grabbed him and told him about the strange thing he had just seen with a face full of surprise and excitement.

It turned out that on the big tree not far ahead, a dark thing climbed up. It looked like a cat, but it was much bigger than a cat. It somehow climbed up the tree. It was strange. Very. As he talked, Uncle Zhang became curious in his heart.

At this time, twilight is closing, the early winter night is getting dark, and the temperature is beginning to drop. Uncle Zhang tightened his coat, thought about it again, and decided to go home and get a flashlight to take a closer look.

The big tree the two aunts mentioned is more than 500 meters away from Uncle Zhang’s house. Uncle Zhang hurriedly came to the tree, held up the flashlight and looked left and right, but he didn't see anything strange. Just when Uncle Zhang wanted to give up, through the light of the flashlight, Uncle Zhang finally found the little guy who the two said looked like a cat but was not a cat.

I saw this little guy, covered in black fur, not big, about 30 pounds, curled up on a branch about 20 meters above the ground. I don’t know if he was frightened, but his body was tightly Holding a tree branch,Not moving at all. Uncle Zhang settled his eyes and looked at it carefully. He couldn't tell if he didn't look closely, but he couldn't help but be shocked when he saw it.

This... is a bear! Or it could be a black bear cub that got separated from its mother.

At this time, villagers who could not restrain their curiosity after hearing the news came to the tree one after another. They looked at the uninvited guest. Although the little bear did not pose much of a threat, the faces of the villagers His expression still couldn't help but become more solemn.

Two peasant women saw strange animals hanging on the trees, like cats. The uncle immediately called the police after seeing it

It turns out that bamboo Lian Town is located in a geographical location surrounded by mountains. Although there are deep bamboo forests and beautiful mountains and clear waters, there are also many wild animals. For many years, the villagers here have lived together with the wild animals on the mountains.

Because of this, they know a thing or two about the habits of wild animals: bear cubs do not appear alone and often move together with the mother bear. Now, it is very likely that the cub became separated from the mother bear, lost its way, wandered into the village by mistake, or perhaps climbed up a tree and hid out of fear.

Visual view of Zhulian Village

This also means that the mother bear who has lost her child may look for the cubs all the way, and it is not ruled out that they will appear in the vicinity. Thinking of this, Uncle Zhang couldn't help but worry: This is a place that villagers must pass in and out of the village every day, and it is only more than 500 meters away from his home. If a big bear really moves around here, it will seriously hurt people.

Thinking of possible threats, the villagers became uneasy. Uncle Zhang thought about it and decided to call the police for help.

After receiving the alarm call, Tangyuan County Public Security Fire and Forestry staff rushed to the scene and gathered under the big tree where the little bear appeared.

The flashing police lights, the worried expressions of the villagers, the little bear curled up on the tree, and the mother bear who still doesn’t know where she will appear, make this small village look particularly dignified in the dark night.

This is destined to be a special and restless night.

The news of a little bear coming to the village spread like wildfire, and more and more people came to see what happened. Perhaps there were more and more people, and the noise became louder and louder. The little bear on the tree As if frightened, he began to look down uneasily, his eyes glowing green in the night.

Considering that a female bear might appear at any time, the village chief had to issue a warning over the radio and send some of the villagers gathered under the tree home to prevent the bear from hurting people.

The staff of the forestry department who have been dealing with wild animals all year round came to the scene and observed the little bear in the tree through lights. Their judgment was the same as the villagers’ thoughts: this is a bear.Cubs that only live with wild female bears.

"He couldn't come by himself, so he could only follow the big bear, and he might get separated with the big bear." Li Gang from the Forest Police Bureau expressed his judgment. At the same time, they also speculated that the little bear might have been walking on the national highway in the countryside, or that the vehicles might be traveling at a high speed, so the frightened little bear jumped into the tree.

No matter what the truth of the matter is, it can be concluded that once the female bear enters the village, the safety of the villagers will be threatened. Thinking of this, the staff on site are all worried, as if a stone has been pressed on their hearts. of. Therefore, how to monitor the signs of the big bear and how to safely rescue the little bear has become a problem that needs to be solved.

The joint command headquarters composed of Tangyuan County’s public security, firefighting, and forestry departments quickly launched deployment work, using this old tree as the center point to conduct thorough control around it. But faced with this little bear that climbed up the tree and refused to come down, the staff at the headquarters began to seem helpless.

Firstly, this operation must ensure that bears will not harm people. Secondly, bears are national second-level protected animals, and the safety of bears must be ensured. Both must be considered. Although the little bears currently do not pose much of a threat to this small village, the incident of a black bear entering the village and injuring people in the neighboring village three years ago is still vivid in our minds, which makes the people on site afraid to relax their vigilance.

Be vigilant to prevent the recurrence of black bear injuries

Three years ago, in September 2006, a black bear entered the village adjacent to Zhulian Village. Incident of hurting people in the village.

At around nine o'clock that morning, a black bear broke into the village with two cubs and scratched the back of an old lady who was working. The black bear that injured the person hid in the village. In the wheat field, he was missing. Suddenly, the village felt like it was facing a powerful enemy, and panic spread throughout the village.

The police who participated in the capture operation at that time recalled that they were still unclear about all aspects of the bear’s temperament. It was not easy to find a black bear in a large wheat field, and in order to protect the black bear from Damage, but you can't shoot to force the black bear to show up.

The police were in a dilemma and thought of using firecrackers to search. Sure enough, the sound of firecrackers exposed the bear's position while running. So, the police took two steps and released a "two kicks", " "Er Kick" was ignited and then jumped into the sky and exploded. The sound frightened the big bear and the little bear so much that they ran and looked out from the rice field.

In this way, after four hours of driving, the three black bears were finally driven into the mountains far away from the village, and returned to their own world safe and sound.

This incident caused quite a stir at the time, and the government's approach of not harming wild animals while ensuring the safety of villagers also made the villagers of Tangyuan County know that they cannot hunt wild animals. animals and establish the concept of living peacefully with them.

In the following years, with the gradual improvement of the ecological environment, the government's increased efforts to protect wild animals, and people's increasing awareness of protection, as the number of wild animals continued to rise, people went down the mountain to find them. eating wild animalsThere are more and more of them, and most of them return to the mountains on their own after foraging for food, and the villagers have learned not to disturb them as much as possible.

Therefore, after three years, a black bear entered the village again. This frightened the villagers, but they also realized that they must call the police for help as soon as possible to rescue the little bear, instead of acting or hunting without permission.

At this time, the little bear may feel uneasy and subconsciously want to protect himself. From time to time he looks down and starts to climb up. Seeing this situation, the staff made a temporary decision: turn off the lights and wait. The little bear got down from the tree on his own and returned to the forest.

However, 20 minutes later, the decision was reversed.

The more they discussed, the more they felt that this method was not appropriate. Even if the cub really comes down from the tree and returns to the forest smoothly, judging from its current situation, without the care of the mother bear, it may be difficult to survive in the mountain forest with many wild beasts. Moreover, the temperature is low in winter. Can it withstand it on its own? Winter is also an unknown factor.

After much thought, the staff decided to rescue the little bear first. However, it is a wild animal after all and has a ferocious nature. If it is frightened by being rescued at close range, it is likely to trigger aggressive behavior.

So, how to save? It has become a thorny issue again.

Love rescue is full of difficulties

The rescue of the little bear is imminent. In order to discuss the best rescue plan, relevant personnel from Tangyuan County Public Security Fire Forestry and Zhulian Town Government worked overnight An emergency meeting was held in the village committee office.

Some people suggested that laying an air mattress on the ground, using an elevated platform fire truck to get close to the bear, and then using a long pole to drive the bear down would take the shortest time.

However, there are uneven potholes under the big trees, making it impossible to use life-saving air cushions. Aerial platform fire trucks must be used safely in places with strong load-bearing capacity and few surrounding obstacles, otherwise they may cause danger to rescuers. Obviously, since the site is located on a country road, the surrounding environment does not support the use of aerial vehicles and life-saving air mattresses.

As a result, this plan was quickly rejected.

Time passed minute by minute, and the outdoor temperature had dropped to minus 10 degrees. The little bear on the tree still had no intention of coming down. The longer the young bear stayed in the tree, The more vulnerable they are to threats from low temperature and hunger. How long can this little guy last? No one has any confidence. The rescue atmosphere at the scene became anxious.

Over there, in the village committee’s office, the staff were still discussing the rescue plan.

"Spray this little guy down with water..." During the discussion, comrades from the forestry department put forward a suggestion.

The little bear has thick fur and is good at climbing. Lay a thick layer of straw on the ground in advance, and then use a fire water gun to spray water to drive it down. Even if it falls from the tree, it will still be covered with straw. It will not hurt its body, and at the same time, try to use a net under the tree to catch the little bear when it falls.

In order to ensure safety, the staff also asked local eldersHunters, old hunters told them that bears can survive in harsh conditions, especially when coming down from a tree. They will jump down when they are about the same distance from the ground. The bear will not have any impact on itself when it lands.

There is no other way and time is running out, so let’s take action!

After learning that straw was needed to rescue the little bear, the villagers of Zhulian Village spontaneously took out straw from their homes and helped spread it next to the big tree. The preparations are ready.

In order to minimize the damage to the bear's body, the team members adjusted the water pressure to the lowest level and sprayed carefully. Just when everyone thought that the little bear would be exhausted after holding on for a maximum of 3 minutes, 10 minutes passed, and the little bear under the water gun showed no intention of falling. Not only that, but he also climbed up and hugged the tree trunk tenaciously.

While it stopped spraying water, this tenacious and calm little bear shook his head and looked at the crowd under the tree. His calm look made everyone present dumbfounded.

Seeing that the water in the car was about to bottom out, the little bear still had no intention of coming down, and the temperature was approaching minus 15 degrees. If this continued, the soaked little bear might not be able to endure it.

There is no other way, just increase the water pressure! Although everyone present could not bear it.

"Bang..." As the water pressure increased, a loud noise came. Unexpectedly, the little bear suddenly fell from the tree and hit the thick straw that had been laid on the ground. , the soldiers on standby saw this and quickly covered it with the prepared big net.

However, the people present were still worried about whether the bear would be seriously injured.

As the forestry department originally judged, the thick straw on the ground played a very good buffering role for the fallen bear. After a few minutes, the bear regained its energy, climbed up, and was in the net bag. Rushing left and right, trying to break free.

Seeing this, the staff on site breathed a deep sigh of relief.

After four hours of hard work, the little bear was finally rescued safely.

The next day, the little bear was sent to Shuiyuanshan Zoo in Jiamusi City to settle down, and finally met everyone in the sun.

It turned out that this was a little bear about 8 months old with black hair. Although he had a battle of wits with the rescuers the night before and gave everyone a hard time, this little guy was still full of energy. Amazing strength.

The little bear, who grew up freely in the wild, obviously did not adapt to the cage in the zoo. He kept running around anxiously in the cage. In order to appease this little bear who had just been separated from the mother bear and came to a strange environment. The little bear, Shuiyuanshan Zoo carefully prepared food for it.

As for how the runaway cub will live in the future, zoo staff said that wild animals are not only a natural resource, but also an important ecological resource. They will first use artificial breeding to stabilize their emotions. And take good care of his body, wait until it can live independently, and then through wild training, let him return to his mountain.Forest.

Isn’t this a beautiful picture of man and nature living in harmony?